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Please don't ask for a sidebar link as a refusal often offends.

Editorial Policy


  • Xenu's Link Checker (Windows) - Check the links on any website, of any size, for free -
  • psiMind (Psion) - MindMapping software for Psion machines, great for taking notes. Will export to text files.
  • Locker (Psion) - Allows you to switch your Psion on and off without re-entering the password, as long as you switch it back on within a specified time
  • eMindMaps (Windows) - MindMapping software for windows, will print nicely, can export to gifs or web-pages
  • OperaWebBrowser (Windows, Linux, Psion, and more...)- Free, not Microsoft, very handy drop down to enlarge pages (great for Viewing Flash Animations At Full Size)
  • POPFile - Automatically classifies your email, for example into "Spam" and "Non_Spam" categories


  • The Psion 5mx - great handheld computer, full qwerty keyboard, runs Java, good independent software base, no longer manufactured frown


  • Thursday Cottage Chunky Orange Marmalade. Great tasting Marmalade from available from SageWholefoods in Moseley
  • ShiitakeMushrooms - Hmmm.. tasty!
  • MoseleyFarmersMarket


See MusicILike

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