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BUGA 2005

Munich is host to BUGA 2005, the national garden festival. For 14euros you get a day pass, and there's definately a day full of things to see. Almost all of the information displays are auf deutsch though there is a selection of audioguides in english. A giant nest and eggs by Nils Udo was a suprise. I knew he was exhibiting in a gallery in the city centre, but I didn't expect to run into his work by accident! The site is big, with a cable car to take you from one side to another (7 euros return). The rotary club have a garden showing the similarity of natural and artificial forms, including nature inspired technology such as LotusEffect tiles. There's also a great spray garden with tiles, reminiscent of Pompei.

(Pictures from Tue 26 Jul 2005)

  • Coloured carpark air vents outside Buga:
    Coloured carpark air vents outside Buga

  • Centre of temporary building at BUGA:
    Centre of temporary building at BUGA

  • Interesting temporary building:
    Interesting temporary building

  • Nils-Udo nest:
    Nils-Udo nest

  • Nils-Udo egg:
    Nils-Udo egg

  • Tree with a vent. Purpose unknown.:
    Tree with a vent. Purpose unknown.

  • A perfect rose:
    A perfect rose

  • A dead teddy bear?:
    A dead teddy bear?

  • Tree wrapped in rope:
    Tree wrapped in rope

  • Small town in danger:
    Small town in danger

  • Small town gone:
    Small town gone

  • Wind energy vision:
    Wind energy vision

  • Playground viewed from cable car:
    Playground viewed from cable car

  • Tile garden with hidden misters:
    Tile garden with hidden misters

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