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Tues 16th April

Saw Misty's Big Adventure with BruteForce at the Academy. For a review, see the Misty's Big Adventure page.

Sun 14th April

Read bits of "The Non-Verbal Dictionary" -

Rediscovered TheArtOfNoise - whose records I bought when the first came out - there's now some excellent remixes available. Couldn't find a source for the phrase Oh to be in England in the summertime, with my love which comes from the song MomentsInLove - could be a reference to Browning Oh to be in England, now that April's here -

Also heard LaurieAnderson song, LanguageIsAVirus - for the second time. I've only heard it once before, but the phrase (attributed to WilliamSBurroughs) had stuck.

Last June I went to JavaOne in SanFrancisco, where I also visited the SanFranciscoMuseumOfModernArt (SFMOMA). One installation there particularly struck me. It was a video tour entitled TheTelephoneCall by the artist JanetCardiff.

Thurs 11th April

I was wondering about BooksWhichEveryWellEducatedPersonShouldHaveRead - haven't managed to get very far yet.

Sat 6th April

Last weekend I missed going to TokyoLuckHole at BarAcademy, tonight I found that I could listen to a TokyoLuckHole set on the web! It's at: (click on Radio) or point your WinAmp player directly at

Fairly eclectic, definately wierd - mixes in some local stuff from AwkawardRecords bands I think.

Also downloaded some tracks by local band Mocca from and found out that have a list of downloadable music by bands in Brum -

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