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25th April 2003

Saw TheVaginaMonologues at TheRep

23rd April 2003

Found this cool self organising music rating site thingie, which (rather bizarely) is written in Javascript! It runs like a (three-legged) dog in Opera, but is nice and speedy in Netscape 7.

For example, say you like MassiveAttack, you look at this page: and you find suggested ArtOfNoise, BoardsOfCanada, Autechre, PopWillEatItself etc.

I found this because a friend suggested that I'd like the GotanProject:

The one thing I can't work out it how to search for artists within gnod - you can either hack the URLs, or try and navigate GnodSpace to find them!

So, are you more likely to die from an InfluenzaPandemic or SevereAcuteRespiratorySyndrome? Maybe it will be an AsteriodImpact? Either way, the UK is now classified as an SARS-affected area ( )

Grub, the Seti@home-like search crawler that sounded like such a good idea isn't obeying the robot exclusion standard, and people are getting angry...

Wikipedia Admin wrote: "For some weeks actually, grub-client has been rejected from the dynamic portion of my site with 403s for not obeying robots.txt and requesting too fast (every few seconds, sometimes). So it's not bogging down my database anymore, but it is still trying to crawl gajillions of pages which are explicitly banned by robots.txt. I did try to use the robots.txt yanker yesterday (and again today), so far with no results; of course, it was already not following what was in my robots.txt! Why should it start?

Here's fifteen minutes' worth of grub activity on my site. Tell me, is this right? Should it look like this? ..." there follows around 5 pages of (refused) pages requests by Grub.

Oh dear, I bet some people who were celebrating their massive publicity and downloads, are feeling decidedly different today!

19th April 2003

Viewed works by AnyaGallaccio at the IkonGallery. I wish I'd made it sooner to see this exhibition, because it has a very clear temporal theme, and really needs to be seen several times over the course of weeks to get the full impression. Why? Because many of the works change over time - fresh flowers set beneath perspex, slowly drying and rotting, real apples hung from a bronze (?) tree, a room painted in chocolate and filled with its smell. Other works included 1 tonne of sugar and glucose set into around 15 squat columns, chandeliers dripping wax onto the floor

Also on display was video and audio work by KellyMark, including the GlowHouse which was sited just across the road from my own abode. The GlowHouse is set on the corner of WakeGreenRoad and AndertonParkRoad, Moseley. It has no curtains, and a slight whitewash on the windows. It is currently being rennovated. Inside every room was placed a television. At night they were all tuned to the same channel, and the house seemed to pulsate as the scenes changed, and the rooms glowed brighter and darked in synchrony. Each time I walked past the GlowHouse late at night, there was small crowds of (slightly drunk) people looking and pointing.

11th April 2003

Saw ModifiedToyOrchestra at PatrickKavanaghs

10th April 2003

Ate at the ShogunSushiAndNoodleBar in the Mailbox, Birmingham.

8th April 2003

Saw MikeInMono at the MedicineBar

4th April 2003

Found an interesting russian war blog and discussion site -

Also found that is back up - only with headlines, and no content though! If I a site under a large threat of hacking them I wouldn't advertise the content provision software I was using at the bottom of the page though! (they use software from

The register ran an interesting article on TheSecondSuperpower

1st April 2003

Watched the first episode of the TomorrowPeople.

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