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30th August

Saw StonesInTheirPockets at the Rep. Very good two hander in which the actors played multiple characters very convincingly - something which I always appreciate. It was well received by the audience, with spontaneous applause in several places. The play is set in Ireland, where a film company have come to make a hollywood movie set in Ireland. The locals (+ an incomer) get to play the part of the oppressed peasants, while gawping at the stars (and, more importantly, getting 40 a day). Good, funny, light (mostly) .

26th August

Amongst other things, I am currently reading TheCodeBook by SimonSingh, which is excellent. In it he discusses the BealeCiphers.

25th August

Some of the earliest writing in the world: Including CuneiformWriting and a very rare example of LinearA text with Arcadian style pictures.

Read some of the writings of HerodotusOf Hallicarnassus. Original text at:
and commentary/summary at:

24th August

There's a lot of strange things live in caves:

23rd August

Saw comedians NickWilty and JuniorSimpson, fresh back from Edinburgh.

21st August There are a vast number of posters for the "Default" 1st Birthday bash around Moseley at the moment. Headlining is Brothomstates from Finland. I'm thinking of going, and found that you can download a full album and live sets (including one from March 2002) at:

Having had a bit of a listen, I'd describe them as pleasent, tuneful, and generally "soft" electronic music - there is one live track where the "drumming" is a bit relentless for my tastes, but the other tracks are much less "banging" and more relaxed.

19th August

Finished - I haven't been playing it continuously since the 13th though! Boulderdash / Miner'49 / Dig Dug games are a kind of "programming game" in that you have to solve a puzzle by doing a very specific sequence of actions in a particular order. Often, the puzzles seem impossible initially, but by using the small repetoire of actions you have available, in the correct combination, they become easy.

Lemmings is the classic "programming game" to me, with the Lemmings acting like little TuringMachines transforming their environment. I'm not really that into most computer games - things like Doom leave me cold.

Both Lemmings and Boulderdash games follow a teaching pattern, in which initially, the simple actions are demonstrated individually, then in simple combinations, more complex combinations and finally present puzzles which require the use of obscure side-effects.

16th August 2002

Went to KlubCatusi at the MedicineBar - but somehow it didn't seem very Catusi-esque. Different crowd, and different music.

13th August 2002

Play good Boulderbash clone, Acno's Energiser, at: Level 20 was the 1st hard one!

11th August 2002

Hear TheGoodCompanions by JohnBoyntonPriestley on RadioFour. Go to ASpelendidAfternoon at the CustardFactory / MedicineBar, see MistysBigAdventure and a load of other bands.

4th August 2002

Finally got my Psion 5mx working with my mobile - so now I can surf the net from anywhere! One of the problems I was having was the psion modem settings. For anyone who finds this, the modem init string for a T68 phone is just "ATZ", leave the data and fax init strings empty.

3rd August 2002

Read an interesting article on eels, eel pie shops and eel cookery ( )

2nd August 2002

Hear new (1st) CD from SpecialNeeds - very good. It's captured their live performance style very well.

1st August 2002

Saw DogFood at the FiddleAndBone - the pub's music licence is currently under threat as residents of newly build luxury flats nearby have complained about the noise. DogFood were great - but unfortunately, the volume of the vocals was too low!

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