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Thursday 30th December 2004

Visited AveburyStoneCircle, Marlborough and the UffingtonWhiteHorse. I spotted this modern "tree-dressing" in Marlborough centre:

  • Uffington White Horse, Dec 2004:

  • Lansdowne Memorial, nr Uffington White Horse, Dec 2004:

  • Barrow Construction (from sign on the Ridgeway):

  • Ditch and ring of stones at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

  • Lichen on stone at Avebury, Dec 2004:

Tuesday 28th December 2004

Saw this wierd modification to the road sign for Church Rd, Moseley. It's well made, but what does it mean?

Modified road sign for Church Rd, Moseley

Sunday 19th December 2004

Saw Misty's Big Adventure at the Jug of Ale - bit more of a "punk-y" sound to my mind, and the Jug didn't seem quite so hot and sweaty. Simon ("Mr Simon") from Dogfood played base. Unfortunately I was late and missed Dogfood playing frown - but Misty's were great!

Saturday 18th December 2004

Saw the A.A.S. ice cream van at the Ikon and bought a few bits of 99p art.
A.A.S. Ice Cream Van outside Ikon, Birmingham 2004_12_18

Saturday 11th December 2004

Signed up for Birmingham Friends of the Earth's "Climate Challenge" - they're trying to persude people in Birmingham to change to renewable electricity suppliers.

Bought art pieces from Dreams of Tall Buildings as part of Project 99 - where two "rival" art groups sell their wares from ice cream vans, for 99p each! The van I bought from was parked outside the Ikon Gallery, and next sat will be at the MAC, while the group "a.a.s." take the Ikon pitch. Art works available included:

  • A musical, plastic, blade of grass (shades of Walt Whitman)
  • BubbleSculpt - Bubble gum with instructions for sculpting the gum after use
  • A 99 second musical piece by Dreams of Tall Buildings
  • A test tube full of sky by RuthSpencer
  • A sealed packet containing photographic paper exposed to hold a picture of a tape measure, but not fixed
  • A section of superman's cape formed into a small bag containing a three frame photo story about a baker with no hands in search of his hands, aided by superman by DarrenJoyce
  • A list of last requests by people on death row by VictoriaBean
  • A stick of Rock with the text "Art Rocks" running through it by Yoke and
  • Lucky dice, with each side bearing a 6, by Spaceanus ( )
  • Some other ones!
Each piece is in a series of 99.

Also ate fantastic anchovies and tortilla espanola at the IkonGallery Cafe.

Thursday 9th December 2004

Attended the last ComedyKav run by James Cook, featuring RonnieRigsby (great old-time entertainer) and JosieLong (surreal comedy from the west country).

Wednesday 8th December 2004

Heard Micronormous and (most of) Misty's Big Adventure do a soundtrack to the early, silent and spooky film "The cabinet of Doctor Caligari". Great sounds, very filmic, lots of themes. Don't think it was recorded though, which is a great pity. The film itself is well worth seeing, it deals with a doctor who brings a prophesying somnambulist to the local fair. My favourite scenes included: the silent film equivalent of a crowd saying "rhubarb" when the local neighbourhood watch makes an arrest; and the decor in the hospital rooms - which would drive anyone insane!

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