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28th Feb 2002

KlubCatusi / Cinephilia film night at the Mac, showing HellsBelles. Previously I've seen OurManFlint and OperationKidBrother,

26th Feb 2002

In 1996, Yahoo listed only 31 sites on Artificial Intelligence. Mine was one of them -

Damn. I thought that was impressive. I've just checked, and their main category now lists 32 sites, and TheDataMine is still there smile -

I think this tell us more about Yahoo than it does TheDataMine.

Still, the WaybackMachine - - is great.

Still looking for NetFame, I tried this -*/* and found that it has stored 1208 files from my web pages, including pictures of my grandfather as a child - wilf_with_horse_small.jpg

24th Feb 2002

These people are cool - Try their Human Virus Scanner at to find out what memes you're infected with.

23rd Feb 2002

Last night I saw Eastfield and TheBusStationLoonies play at the MarketTavern in Digbeth. Other local bands I've seen and liked recently include Pram , Tele:funken[+], gorgeous[*] and SpecialNeeds. Tonight I'm off to see TheBeeMen and EgoSoSo.

I also found out "What the heck is emo anyway" -

[*] They actually spell it g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. but until I upgrade my WikiWiki software I can't link to that!

[+] O.K. It should be Tele:Funken - time for an upgrade... - [done, 3/3/2002]

17th Feb 2002

Read the excellent "Firewall Forensics FAQ" again - It's a great guide to the kinds of traffic you can expect to see in your logs, both legitimate and not-so-legit. RobertGraham has also published an amusing and informative Hacking Lexicon -

Visited the Rijksmuseum website - Nice site, with good explainations of features in the paintings. Looked particularly at the work of Jan Brueghel I and Pieter de Hooch. Unfortunately, the site doesn't enable you to bookmark pages in any sensible manner due to its use of frames (lose 1 web design point).

8th Feb 2002

DoubleDactyls - a poem with a particular kind of rhythm. For example:

Christopher Isherwood
I've never heard of you
Do you exist?

My good friend Geraldine
Says you wrote "Cabaret"
Speaking quite candidly
I think she's pissed

Found these BlakesSeven quotes: - Wryly amusing if you've seen the series

3rd Feb 2002

Heard ChristyMoore on DesertIslandDiscs, which reminded me how good a singer he is. Found which has a great lyrics collection, and listened to some of his music - RideOn, Lisdoonvarna, BurningTimes etc.

1st Feb 2002

Interesting optical illusion site -

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