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19th February 2004

Stan's Cafe performed "Talk To Me" at theMAC.

18th February 2004

Saw a collection of American "exploitation" films at TheMAC.

17th February 2004 TheCustardFactory hosted a collection of US military propaganda films, mainly from WWII but also including films on how to survive a nuclear attack (hiding under a table is apparently a good bet). A couple of the films were scripted by the writer of Dr Seuse.

15th February 2004

Saw Misty's Big Adventure at the JugOfAle.

13th February 2004

The Doll's House at theRep

10th February 2004

Saw TheRevolutionWillNotBeTelevised ( ), as part of the Sheffield International Film Festival at TheMAC. One of the most exciting films I've seen, as (in my ignorance), I had not followed the career of charismatic Venezuelan president HugoChavez. A "lucky" Irish documentary film crew find themselves in the middle of a coup against Chavez. We get to see everything from the inside... Well worth seeing again.

Also showing was a very nice film of a speech by President Bush, called QaedaQualityQuestionQuicklyQuicklyQuiet. The speech had been cut up into individual words, then re-arranged in alphabetical order. Fascinating, in terms of language analysis, politics and propaganda.

7th February 2004

Saw "Forest" exhibition at the WolverhamptonArtGallery. I particularly liked the "landscape in an aquarium" piece, which I'd seen before at the Ikon. A mountainous landscape is recreated, with small trees, in a cubical aquarium filled with slightly milky water. The distortion of the glass and water, combined with the foggy effect gives it wonderful depth and a real feeling of a world captured in glass.

There's a wonderfully opulent feeling to the room with wax walls and ceiling. Light glows through landscapes created from thousands of sections of thin wax, forming trees, pyramids, desert hills, snowscape and deep blue sky. Really beautiful and worth making the trip to Wolves for.

The first floor of the gallery housed "Sensing Sculpture" with smellable, touchable, playable pieces. The best fun was formed from a traditional old organ keyboard and body, but with fantastical "pipes". Some keys triggered vacum cleaners hooked up to traditional pipes, some played snipped of sound or video, another triggered the beep of a metal detector. Great fun!

5th February 2004

Ikon Opening. Great light boxes and lights from DavidBatchelor plus a load of old junk from LonnieHolley. The junk sculptures are very lively and well formed, occasionally with move standard stone sculputue attached.

I want a light like the strip-light encased in glowing plastic bottles produced by DavidB!

31st January 2004

Saw HermanDune and KimyaDawson at the JugOfAle.

Excellent but reasonably short set from HD, the ukelala coming out for just one final very quite song where David? HD stepped out into the front of the audience to play accoustically.

KimyaDawson played some great stuff, nice lyrics with sudden unexpected endings. She had no CDs for sale, but was drawing and T-shirts!

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