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29th November

See TheLevellers at TheAcademy - very good. The contast between the clothes of the band and the audience is interesting. The audience are wearing what the Levellers wore 5 years ago, whilst the band are wearing the clothes of today. Includes free entry to a club night after.

24th November

See AnInventionForDestruction - a Czech semi-animated film from the 1950's, directed by Karel Zeman and based on some of the works of JulesVerne, at theMAC.

23rd November

Do action about plans for Birmingham Airport expansion with BirminghamFriendsOfTheEarth and local residents. Photo appears on front page of TheBirminghamPost.

Also go to see the VividLabculture event at the UGC, probably the hardest thing to get to see at the film festival. Firstly, there's no venue listed, so you have to ring to find out (they take my name), next, there's no-one on the film festival ticket/info stall, and none of the UGC staff seem to know anything about it (though the guy does let us past without tickets), hang around in the cafe-bar for a while until someone comes and asks us if we're here for the Vivid event, then the guy on the door of the cinema refuses to let us in (it's a free event, but we don't have tickets, even though we rang up) luckily someone behind us claims we're with them. Finally in the cinema. 1st problem - no sound, then the picture is too big for the screen! The only people there are the people who've made the films, and even some of them have trouble finding it! Still, it was quite good in the end!

22nd November

KlubCatusi at PatrickKavanagh's.

21st November

See the TotalBalalikaShow at the ElectricCinema, featuring the fantabulous LeningradCowboys and the Red Army Chorus. Basically just a film of a gig, the music is good and the interactions between the "Cowboys" and the Chorus are fantastic. What a way to end a revolution!

20th November See FirstCut at the UGC - 4 local short films, Sikh, Rattle & Roll, Front Line, 420 Seconds of Love, A Matter of Taste. "420 Seconds" was probably my favourite, recounting the various love affairs of a local woman through flash backs, filmed as a documentary with an excellent lead.

19th November

See Baadasssss Cinema - a documentary about blaxploitation films and Superfly (blaxploitation classic) at TheMAC

17th November

BirminghamFilmFestival starts. See "Take Care Of Your Scarf, Tatjana" at TheElectric, a Finish road movie featuring a guest appearance from TheLeningradCowboys (who also act in it).

16th November 2002

Visit TheSunflowerLounge for the first time. It's packed for a private party - seems like quite a nice venue.

15th November 2002

See CapsuleAndCake at the ElectricCinema - DJ's, music including Floach (who's great), films etc. Excellent!

12th November 2002

Saw A????'s Boy's, a script in hand rendition of a play about racism in the American south at TheRep.

10th November 2002

Trying out the Zoe email indexer, and ConvertingOutlookExpressEmail.

9th November 2002

Saw PapaNovember at the Icon.

2nd November 2002

Saw TheGlastonburyPlay in a marquee at TheNatureCentre.

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