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31st October 2002

Saw TheImportanceOfBeingErnest by OscarWilde at TheElectric. I liked the film - Wilde's dialogue sparkled through, the sets were great and the the plot brought to life.

26th October 2002

Saw the ExperimentalSeafoodRecords showcase at TheElectric cinema - live music from K-Formation and Dept.Art.Ment and visuals from PsiconLab. K-Formation played from a single PC, pleasant soft electronic music. Dept.Art.Ment were harder edged, mixing analog and digital sounds, some tracks almost disorienting, some with a banging dance music rhythm.

25th October 2002

There's a great rant against BadWebDesign at wish I'd wrote it!

12th October 2002

KlubCatusi at ThePatrickKavanagh.

11th October 2002

More shockwave-musical-kitten genius via :

10th October 2002

ComedyKav at ThePatrickKavanagh, good gig - busy enough that people get turned away. Headline act NatalieHaynes gave us most of her Edinburgh show, which was great, despite some wierd heckling.

9th October 2002

Read a good article on the prospects of climate change leading to cooling effects due to the shut off of the gulf stream -

8th October 2002

GagClub 10th birthday show at the MAC - BarbaraNice got a bit mixed up and did a quiz based on 1982, which apparently has the organisers etc pissing themselves off stage. HattieHayridge also performed.

1st October

Saw Tele:funken play a live accompanyment to FritzLang's Metropolis at the MAC. For details, see Tele:funken.

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