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25th October 2003

Went to the hothaus reinvention day organised by Vivid.

20th October 2003

Started looking at SpamFilteringSoftware.

18th October 2003

Nice Guide to Doctor Who episodes here - I'm currently watching TheTalonsofWeng-Chiang (

17th October 2003

Saw AViewFromTheBridge by ArthurMiller at TheRep.

14th October 2003

Found this very interesting gif to sound applet:

I'd been planning some work along similar lines, so in a way I'm disappointed... but then it should make it easier to test my ideas.

Just tried... sounds promising...

12th October 2003

"We entered the country at midnight on March 26" - - Looks like somebody has been sending form letters to US papers with various signatures.

The AssociationOfBritishDrivers ("the motoring equivalent of the Countryside Alliance.") have been accused of the same thing. "Their preferred technique is for one or two writers to flood papers with pseudonymously penned letters to make it appear they have widespread public support."( )

10th October 2003

UndergroundOverground at the CustardFactory. Saw Misty's Big Adventure again, also films from Seven Inch Cinema, an exhibition of photographs etc.

9th October 2003

Busy day: Started off with OnTheScent - a performance in a private house for an audience of 2, based on the Proustian qualities of smell, with a theme of Home/Home Sickness/Sickness. In fact, several seperate performances in 3 rooms, each with a single performer. Very good, very out of the ordinary.

Next, saw a reading of "Best of the Door" at the Rep - a play set in 14th? century England, where the 14 year old Silence (Lord of Cumbria?) is set to marry an older Woman.

Then on to BirminghamCathedral to see Of All The People In All The World, a piece by Stan's Cafe. Present were 60million grains of rice, one for everyone in the UK. Counted out on the floor were piles representing groups such as: the population of Birmingham, successful asylum seekers in the year 2002, the number of people killed on the roads each day, number of Buddhists in Birmingham etc. A fascinating piece, making statistics visceral. I've never seen one million of anything before, so it was amazing just to see one million grains of rice representing Birmingham's population.

In the evening, went to the ComedyKav for some great comedians and a follow up to the CharityCrawl last Saturday.

7th October 2003

NucleArt at the SunflowerLounge. Marta de Menezes talked about her work using biological research techniques.

4th October 2003

"CharityCrawl" in King's Heath. Saw MikeInMono at the CustardFactory in the evening.

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