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29th September

Found a link to at MetaFilter - the hotel has fantastic rooms. I think the "Caveman" suite is my favourite!

19th September

Saw Misty's Big Adventure and DogFood at the OldRailway. I also saw some of Bubba - but had to go sit in the bar as they were just too loud! (how sad)

Still, Misty's did one (or 2?) new tracks plus lots of stuff I knew and liked already. DogFood did one continuous set, and kept returning to "ThePolytheneMonster".

18th September

Went to TokyoLuckyHole - great projections, groovy music + live bands. Reminded me a bit of KlubCatusi - guess that was the projections.

_This Space Intentionally Left Blank_

7th September

Went to the Birmingham ArtsFest2002.

5th September

Went to the M.A show at the BirminghamInstituteOfArtAndDesign - there were some excellent pieces, including polystyrene cups cast in bronze, and a 3-screen projection piece showing an insects-eye(?) view of a garden.

The building itself (in Margret St) is fantastic, it was designed as a school of art by John Chamberlain and opened in 1884. It was extended in 1892.

a wonderful buil

4th September

Came across the InternetEncyclopediaOfPhilosophy ( ). Read about the StoicPhilosophers, particularly Epictetus.

3rd September

According the the Briggs-Myers personality test, I've got an InventorPersonality (ENTP). This website will help you find bloggers with the same personality type as you!

1st September

Read about a flu epidemic in Madagascar ( ). Found a couple of good pages on InfluenzaPandemics.

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