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Editorial Policy

Container Growing

Some notes on Container Sizes for Various Plants

Taken from this post on the forum

  • Carrots Amsterdam forcing & autumn king - sow 1/4 inch apart in 10 inch pot and thin to harvest
  • Courgettes - 1 plant per 10 inch pot
  • Dill - 3-4 plants per 10 inch pot
  • Garlic chives - 1 plant per 4 inch pot
  • Iceberg - lettuce generally 3 plants per 10 inch pot
  • Lamb lettece - same as iceberg
  • Little gems lettece - see iceberg
  • Mixed rocket - 3-8 plants per 6-8 inch pot
  • Mixed salad leaves - see iceberg
  • Parsnip tender and true - not on my list - sorry!
  • Radish (Sparkler 3 & mixed salad) - sow 1/4 -1/2 inch apart in 8-10 inch pot and thin to harvest
  • Red arrow & early purple sprouting Brocolli - 1 plant per 10 inch pot or 3 plants per 15 inch pot
  • Spinach - 12 seeds per 10 inch pot - will run to seed quickly in a pot apparently

There's also some advice on containers on the Pots2Plots website.

Carrot Purple Haze

West Coast Seeds recommend sowing into foot long pipes about 15-20cm across, and adding sand to the soil. You can grow 3 or 4 in each pipe. As with all containers, keep them well watered.

Hopefully, my carrots will turn out like these from the tiny farm blog.

Container Gardening Blogs etc.

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