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I'm baffled as to why the majority of people who produce flash animations place them in a tiny box on a web page, where much of the detail they've created is just not visible. It seems pointless to go to the trouble of doing the detailed work only to hide it from the majority of viewers.

Here's some way to get around this:

  • Use the Opera web browser from . It has a great drop down menu which allows you to scale up any web page to whatever percentage you decide. Typically choosing 200% and then pressing "f11" will give you a full screen view of the animation. You can also use the "9" and "0" keys to make the view bigger or smaller. The mangnification drop down is also very handy for badly designed pages containing text.

  • View the source of the web page. Look for the url of the animation. This will end in ".swf". If it starts with "http://" then just copy it and paste it into the URL bar of your browser (or use "open" from the file menu). If it doesn't start with "http://" it's probably a relative URL and you'll need to construct the full url from the URL of the page you're on and the name of the swf file you've copied from the source. Basically you'll need to delete the filename of the page you've viewing and replace it with the filename of the .swf file. Sorry if this isn't too clear - I've run out of time, so maybe I'll improve this at some time in the future!

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