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Please don't ask for a sidebar link as a refusal often offends.

Editorial Policy

  • I'm interested in contemporary art, particularly novel performance art, interactive art, and SoundArt.
  • I go see the odd film at TheMAC or TheElectricCinema)
  • I see quite a bit of live music at places like TheJugOfAle, or Actress and Bishop
  • The IkonGallery has a great cafe and even better gallery and offsite projects
  • I like eating out (see PlacesToEat)
  • I much prefer live events to TV, infact I don't have broadcast TV, just DVD/video.

I used to say "I grow plants from seed as a hobby, so far, I've got Avocados (easy!), Lychees (never seem to be healthy) and Custard apples. I've also grown Carambola or 'Star fruit'. Carambola is probably the prettiest plant I've grown from seed, and has leaves which fold together at night or when touched. " which got me on a TV slot called "me and my webpage" for BBC Digital (before they had any viewers at all).Anyway, that's getting off topic - what I was going to say was that I still have the plants - but I wouldn't really consider it a hobby any more - like you're interested really...

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