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Name: Ray Girvan - June 17, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   Nice write-up. Really, though, this kind of testing is just theatre. If JW were serious about proving his case, getting you to sign a non-disclosure agreement and giving you access to the source code and database contents would clear up the matter very quickly.

Name: chris - June 17, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   Here is a message for you Jim, if you're reading this:


Name: Fred - June 22, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   It is pathetically obvious that Jim Wightman's claims are a fraud. Can he really be so pathetic as to think that anyone beleives him.

Name: Hmmm - June 23, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   "Quick, Ellie, give me 30 seconds then switch off the mains at the fuse box!"

Name: LeegleechN - July 01, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   Haha if you go to the official nanny site now, they basically confess to being a hoax and have totally changed what they said they were doing!

Name: lenny - October 13, 2004 E-mail:
Comments:   What we really need is a program to protect our children from wackjob holocaust revisionists of the type wightman is reported to be.

Name: on and on it goes - January 07, 2005 E-mail:
Comments:   Riddle of chatroom 'robots' inventor Oct 31 2004 By Helen Gabriel, Sunday Mercury

Name: Frances Ravenscroft-Lawes - January 08, 2005 E-mail:
Comments:   Dear Andy, Have had some difficulty trying to contact you so forgive me if I've come through to the wrong place. I am currently updating people's website information about the Electric Cinema and notice that you have outdated details on your site. The cinema has been under new management for the last 6 months, has been completely renovated and opened again in mid December. I would be very grateful if you could update your information as follows: Address: 47-49 Station Street, B5 4DY. Telephone: 0121 643 7879 Website: Email: Thank you Andy, if you need any further information would you contact me at

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