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I suffered a damaged partition table on my hard disk after doing a defragment on Windows 98, even though the defrag reported no problems.

The symptoms were basically that the drive letters (D:, E:, F:) had disappeared, and the PC thought it only had a C: drive.

File Retrieval

I managed to retrieve files from a disk with a damaged partition table using the free software PCInspector - - fantastic! Took about 4 hours to search a 40gb drive for possible lost partitions, but got my data back fine. You'll need a spare hard drive (or a spare partition if you're feeling brave) to recover the files onto.


SystemRescueCd is a free bootable CD which includes tools for partitioning disks and recovering data - It provides free functionality similar to PartitionMagic & DriveImage.

You can also use FDISK if you're partitioning a new drive (or unpartitioned space on a drive) - it's very simple, but you'll need to be confident with command line software.

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