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Editorial Policy

Good Psion Software

  • psiMind - MindMapping software for Psion machines, great for taking notes. Will export to text files.
  • Locker - Allows you to switch your Psion on and off without re-entering the password, as long as you switch it back on within a specified time
  • Phoneman - Synchronise phone books with your mobile, also send and store SMS messages from the Psion.

Using the Psion 5mx with a T68 mobile phone:

  • One of the problems I was having was the psion modem settings. For anyone who finds this, the modem init string for a T68 phone is just "ATZ", leave the data and fax init strings empty.

Using the Psion emulator to access backups

The instructions below assume you installed the emulator on your PC's J: drive.

You can also find instructions and lots more info on Gareth J M Saunders page .

Download the emulator

From the Psion tek logix website , chose the file marked "Symbian OS V5 SDK for Java" or click here to download emulator

Install the emulator

Unpack the zip file, and run the "setup.exe" program. Choose a drive to install onto. I chose "J:". Apparently "C:" isn't reccommended (though when I tried it a few years after writing this, on Vista, it seemed to work fine)

Start the Emulator

The emulator can be started by running the program

You should have a fully functioning Psion 5mx running in a window. It's in colour, isn't that strange!

Copy across your backup directory

Exit the emulator before doing this.

The emulator sees the directory J:\epoc32\Wins\C as the Psion's main C drive.

  1. Move the original J:\epoc32\Wins\C directory somewhere out of the way
  2. Create a new, empty J:\epoc32\Wins\C directory
  3. COPY (i.e. don't move) your backup of the Psion C drive into this directory. The files will include "System"
  4. Restart the emulator. You should be able to access your files.

How to Run PhoneMan on the EPOC Psion Emulator

First, install the emulator, as outlined above.

Next, download the special emulator version of PhoneMan. I got mine from Pscience5's Lost and Found page which also has emulator specific versions of some other programmes. I've added a copy of the emulator version of PhoneMan on my webspace, in case the others disappear.

Now you need to install Phoneman. Assuming that you have installed Epoc on _J:_

  1. Copy the file epoc32\release\WINS\Deb\PMENGINE.dll from into the directory J:\Epoc32\Release\Wins\Deb
  2. Copy the folder epoc32\release\WINS\Deb\Z\System\Apps\PHONEMAN from into the directory J:\Epoc32\Wins\C\System\Apps

Start the emulator, and you should be able to run PhoneMan. The free registration details, given on ZenoByte's Website are name:"freecode" and code:"94934055" (don't type the quotes!)

I'd like to thank ZenoByte for releasing the program for free - maybe you'd be interested in their current Games and other software for iPhone and iTpodTouch. The details of how to install PhoneMan on the emulator were gleaned from two German language web forums (1, 2)

Good Luck!

Source of Information on Psion

The PsionWiki is a good place to start.

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