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Location: Foundry Lane, Smethwick, Birmingham (Map)

Dates: 27th September to 11th October 2003

A fantastic exhibition. The SozoCollective have taken over an old commercial x-ray factory, cleaned it up a bit and set up lots and lots of installations.

  • Radioactive - Sign on a Wall:

Some pieces I remember:

  • JullianBull's video installation "Elements" near the entrance to the building. Three projectors and a circular screen combine to create a perfect widescreen on which waves crash, fires burn and clouds drift by - very relaxing. I want one in my house!

  • Work Crate - a large open crate stuffed with polystyrene packing material and a talking head who gives his very interesting views on the types of work and worker.

  • A Giant Man made out of chicken wire(?)

  • The fantastic fire area which really contributed to the festival atmosphere on the opening night.

  • Wonderful, almost full size, pictures of local mantlepieces.

  • A DNA molecule made out of eggs! (Fragile I guess).

  • The doors! A pair of internal factory doors through which you could see the light and hear the noise of a working environment. It felt like you could walk right through them into a large and busy space, but they were set in to the wall!

  • A bizare machine for ants to live and work in.

  • Indian(?) dance with feet dipped in paint which left a trace of the ephemeral.

  • A woman in a coffin in a quiet and leafy area.

  • A "light panel" made of paper(?) and lit from behi:

  • A bizare show in which a man suspended from the ceiling, wearing a gas mask and metal plates was attacked by a woman wielding a circular saw.

  • Miscellaneous Signs (Jack Russell):

  • Miscellaneous Signs (Nursery Rhyme)::

  • A Gazebo build out of reused wood, bedsteads etc.:

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