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I didn't update this for a while... books I can think of include:

  • The Vinyl Cafe series by Stuart McLean - gentle, humorous books of short stories based on a Canadian Radio Series
  • To my shame... just about everything that Dan Brown has written. I know they're not good, but they are "page turners"
  • All the Rebus books by Ian Rankin
  • About half of the Sherlock Holmes books By Conan Doyle
  • Various Bill Bryson books


Off the top of my head (quite a lot missing):


  • Jeeves in the Spring - PelhamGrenvilleWodehouse
  • Dog - JohnHegley
  • Belphagor - NiccoloMachiavelli
  • TalesOfSuperNaturalTerror - GuyDeMaupassant (selected by ArnoldKellett)
  • TheSleeperAwakes - HerbertGeorgeWells
  • VeryGoodJeeves, HeavyWeather - PelhamGrenvilleWodehouse

Non Fiction

  • EverydayLifeInAncientMesopotamia
  • TheRedQueen - MattRidley
  • TheCodeBook
  • Letters from a Stoic - Seneca
  • The Consolations of Philosophy -- AlainDeBotton
  • Lots of copies of NewScientist

Winter 2001/2

Non Fiction

FermatsLastTheorem and CryptoSecrecyAndPrivacyInTheNewCodeWar.



Fred Nickols has written some interesting articles - I initially found the one on Prototyping, but the others sound interesting too -

Other Favourites

Other favourites include GodelEscherBach by DouglasHoffstadter, ExtremeProgrammingExplained and Refactoring.

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