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25 Woodbridge Road Moseley Birmingham

Tel: 0121 449 4498

23rd November 2004

Second visit, and found it much better than last time. Leaving aside that it took 40 minutes before we could order (we weren't in any hurry), the fried Tofu I had with chilli, onion and tomato was good, as were the various other bits and pieces I tried. Particularly unusual was the deep fried soft shelled crab, which was a whole crab, in batter, deep fried. Which I guess is what you'd expect! The vegetable tempura was similar to last time - not at all like Japanese tempura, and wouldn't be my choice of starter. The quorn red curry which I suffered last time had gone from the menu, so that's an improvement smile Quite filling with a starter and main course, so didn't go for a sweet, though I wasn't starving to start with. Staff were friendly. Would definately visit again - particularly as it's nearby for me.

18th January 2004

Ate here for the first time, it's been open for around a month now.

A number of items were off the menus inside (coconut rice, vegetable red curry etc) - I've heard this is because they're waiting for a permanent chef.

The service was friendly, and the prices not too bad. The vegetable "tempura" wasn't really tempura - at least not in the Japanesse style. Perhaps Thai tempura is different. This was a kind of mash of vegetables, deep fried, but without the thin crisp batter. Still, quite nice, but not what I expected.

Quorn ("quarne") and tofu are the stables of the vegi menu. I had a yellow curry with quorn, peppers and other veg - but it was a bit out of balance - very short on the peppers and veg, while containing mountains of quorn.

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