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Saw a exhibition of his work at the IkonGallery in March 2002.

The work consisted of videos and pictures, with accompanying explainatory text. Most of the people in the photographs were from 3rd world countries and had been paid to perform some task.

For example, about 60 or so people in Korea had been paid about twice the minimum wage simple to sit in the entrance hall of an art gallery - a couple held signs saying that they were being paid to sit there, and the rate they were getting. In another video, over 100 immigrant workers with naturally dark hair were paid to have it dyed bright blonde. Both these co-incided with major events in the cities in which they took place.

The only participant not paid were visitors to a gallery who were transported in a school-bus, with sealed and covered windows in very hot conditions for 45 minutes. They had no idea where they were going, and suffered badly from the heat.

Photographs included heroin addicted prostitutes paid the price of a shot of heroin to have a line tatooed on their backs.

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