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Tele:funken - a one man electronic band

Let me tell you about my first Telefunken gig. It was at the FlapperAndFirkin, in central Birmingham supporting Pram.

The stage was just full of electronic boxes and thousands of wires linking everything together. The gig hadn't started, everyone was standing around drinking and chatting. The roadie came on, smoking a cigarette and started to fiddle with some of the boxes, making wierd noises. After a while, a hush fell on the crowd as the realised - this isn't the roadie, this is the act. Telefunken played a blinding set, including live sampling and looping of a wierd electronic ray-gun. Fantastic, well worth seeing!

* Tele:funken is on Domino Records -

1st October

Saw Tele:funken play a live accompanyment to FritzLang's Metropolis at The MAC.

The film was excellent, a real classic. In case you don't know it, it dates from 1927 and is (of course) silent. It's set in the future, in a world where workers are virtual slaves to the machines, and the ruling class lead a live of luxury upon the surface. The music was fantastic, particularly the "transformation" scene. Some of the music was played, but in a brilliant parallel with the plot, some of it was created by the instruments themselves. The only bad thing - there's no recording of the event smile

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