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2nd November 2002

Performed in a marquee in TheNatureCentre (next to CannonHillPark) "The Glastonbury Play" promised a re-creation of the Glastonbury experience, with live music from UB40 and OceanColourScene. Unfortunately, neither band appeared, but they were replaced by SimonMunnery (TheLeagueAgainstTedium)and a 3 piece band whose name I missed.

Sat on the hessian floor of the marquee, perched on a bin-bag to keep the damp off, and surrounded by punters drinking and smoking, the atmosphere of Glastonbury was certainly there. The excellent set design by DamianHirst also helped - two rotating platforms which changed from tent-outside to tent-inside, a comedy stage, more tents, including "The Molecule Of Sound" (similar to the real MinisculeOfSound, but smaller), standing stones etc. The painted backgrounds also captured the views of glastonbury.

The evening opened with the band - playing an "encore" to the Glastonbury crowd. Then the play opened, the story of various festival goers - a lost heavy drinker, a festival virgin (Marie), a pop-idol's PR man and his model girlfriend, a Liverpudlian who prefers to watch the festival on TV from his tent, and a traveller-like "activist" beloved by women(Fred). Fred and Marie gave particularly good performances.

Afterwards, we were treated to more music from the band and comic songs from Keith Allen (who both acted and directed).

I've only two problems with the play, firstly, I'd have skipped the last minute or so of the plot and secondly Keith Allen's bizare and inappropriate final comment after failing to solicit anyone else to perform on stage.

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