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A Belgian artist sits in a nest, high above the centre of Birmingham on the side of the Rotunda.

Friday 20th May 2005

  • The Rotunda, with nest:
    The Rotunda, with nest

  • Things are looking up in Birmingham:
    Things are looking up in Birmingham

Saturday 21st May 2005

Nesting is going on - straw is falling onto the street.

  • Nest Closeup:
    Nest Closeup

  • A full time sweeper tidies up after the bird:
    A full time sweeper tidies up after the bird

Monday 23rd May - Dressing up

  • Headdress or wings?:
    Headdress or wings?

Tuesday 24th May - Feathers Fall

Today our birdman is dropping feathers to the crowd. There's still quite a lot of people around, and the kids chase the feathers as they fall. The wind around the rounda makes them float like magic. Still lots of camera phones. The occasional bloke shouts jump.

Overheard: his girlfriend was on the telly, in a really foreign voice she said "it's art. It's a gift for the people."

Got to go, as now i'm about to be interviewed for the fierce tv website ( )

  • Nest with Feathers Falling:
    Nest with Feathers Falling

  • A Feather Falls:
    A Feather Falls

  • Feather Flying High:
    Feather Flying High

  • Caught it!:
    Caught it!

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