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r2 - 08 Oct 2006 - 23:05 by andyp
If you search for "Andy Birmingham" or Andy Birmingham I'm hoping you'll end up here on the Andy Pryke page. Similarly for Andy Moseley or "Andy Moseley"....
r5 - 03 Dec 2006 - 19:56 by andyp
Intro Birmingham has a pretty rotten reputation within the UK based mainly on the awful things done to the city centre during the 1960's. Some of these such a...
r21 - 21 Aug 2008 - 14:55 by andyp
Previous: BlogMar2002 Next: BlogMay2002 Tues 16th April Saw Misty's Big Adventure with BruteForce at the Academy. For a review, see the Misty's Big Adventure pa...
r6 - 08 May 2002 - 21:17 by andyp
Previous: BlogJanuary2003 Next: BlogMarch2003 28th February 2003 (Dublin) Breakfast at Cafe on rd parallel to Harcourt St. My vegi breakfast is fine eggs, mushr...
r6 - 04 Mar 2003 - 21:28 by andyp
Previous: BlogFeb2002 Next: BlogApr2002 30th March Saw LookBackInAnger by JohnOsborne at the CrescentTheatre. Very good performance. I didn't know the plot or for...
r9 - 01 Feb 2006 - 23:24 by andyp
Previous: BlogOctober2002 Next: BlogDecember2002 29th November See TheLevellers at TheAcademy very good. The contast between the clothes of the band and the aud...
r5 - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:42 by andyp
Previous: BlogSeptember2002 Next: BlogNovember2002 31st October 2002 Saw TheImportanceOfBeingErnest by OscarWilde at TheElectric. I liked the film Wilde's dialo...
r7 - 02 Dec 2005 - 00:02 by andyp
I particularly like SoundSculpture and SoundArt, LiveArt and InteractiveArt, EnvironmentalArt, video installations and three dimensional art installations. Onlin...
r11 - 26 Jan 2003 - 16:42 by andyp
Hypertext and WikiWikiFever I've always been a big fan of hypertext (well, since I first came across it in the late 1980's). My degree project (1991) was a hypert...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 21:48 by andyp
Did you know that the most interesting thing on the internet only occurs 6 times in google at the present (2003/12/18) That's why I created this most interest...
NEW - 18 Dec 2003 - 21:43 by andyp
Music I Like Bands I've bought lots of: * I've been a fan of RobynHitchcock since about 1987 * Momus is excellent * MassiveAttack Music I've heard in...
r9 - 26 Jan 2003 - 18:54 by andyp
My Meeting With a Nanniebot Writer Can a computer think like us? Or as Alan Turing's famour test says: Can it talk as if it did? The storm of stories published ab...
r5 - 29 Jul 2004 - 10:38 by andyp
The Pryke's Page (That's spelt P R Y K E) My surname, Pryke, is an unusual one, so I set out to track down some more information on it, and identify some "Prykes ...
r12 - 02 Apr 2008 - 12:05 by andyp
School of Economic Science A Cult? Background The School of Economic Science goes by a variety of names, including School of Philosophy. Local to me, they are ...
r16 - 11 Oct 2009 - 15:21 by andyp
Testing OneTwoThree HelloWorld Hello World My WebHome
NEW - 03 Mar 2002 - 21:38 by andyp
Andypublic Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Andypublic web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and ...
r13 - 30 Jul 2007 - 09:19 by andyp
Statistics for Foswiki.Andypublic Web Month: Topic Views: Topic Saves: Attachment Uploads: Most Popular Topic Views: Top Contributors for Topic S...
r9 - 10 Jun 2006 - 14:16 by andyp
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NEW - 05 Jul 2005 - 09:53 by andyp
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