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I saw Adam Chodzko's pieces "A place for 'The End'" and "The International God Look Alike Contest" at the Ikon. Site for A Place for 'The End' * Opposite 76 T...
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Software * Xenu's Link Checker (Windows) Check the links on any website, of any size, for free * psiMind (Psion)...
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Saw this on the 11th Jan 2003 Anita and me is written by MeeraSyal and deals with the friendship between Meena (whose parent's are Indian) and Anita (whose parent...
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Previous: BlogNovember2002 Next: BlogJanuary2003 31st December 2002 Discovered that there's a Birmingham Blogger's meetup planned (sort of) http://blog.meetup....
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Previous: BlogJanuary2003 Next: BlogMarch2003 28th February 2003 (Dublin) Breakfast at Cafe on rd parallel to Harcourt St. My vegi breakfast is fine eggs, mushr...
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MichaelMoore's documentary is intelligent, witty and down right funny in places. The 1st 1/2 hour is particularly amusing, but then, as is appropriate in a film c...
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DNS Troubleshooting * Great checks for various DNS fields, with explainations and links to RFCs * Onli...
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Excellent film, very French, a kind of song and dance Agatha Christie. The film revolves around a murder in a snowed in household, solving the murder requires th...
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ShiitakeMushrooms are delicious and apparently have medicinal properties too. Their scientific name is Lentinus Edodes. Here's some webpages I ran across on them:...
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Excellent film by Almodovar. Very rich, lots of layers sounds like I'm describing a cake! The men (and the main characters are both men) are quite quite or mayb...
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