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Intro Birmingham has a pretty rotten reputation within the UK based mainly on the awful things done to the city centre during the 1960's. Some of these such a...
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Previous: BlogMarch2005 Next: BlogMay2005 Sat 30th April 2005 Subject: Withypool Stone Circle Nice peaceful circle on Withypool hill. Again, there are rumours i...
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Previous: BlogJanuary2005 Next: BlogMarch2005 27th February 2005 Saw Stuart Estell (accordian) and Ian Nutt (guitar) perform at the Old Mo'. Very nice lyrical so...
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Previous: BlogDecember2002 Next: BlogFebruary2003 31st January 2003 Saw Faith by HelenKelly at BirminghamUniversity. Before seeing the play, all I knew was that i...
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Prev: BlogJune2006 1 Year Ago: BlogJuly2005 Next: BlogAugust2006 Monday 24th July 2006 The Best Cheesecake in Vancouver? I ate allegedly "The Best Cheesecake in...
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Cafe Soya provides great Vietnamese food which is freshly cooked and very tasty! Portion sizes are generous, and it's good value for money. The Cafe is one of my ...
r5 - 04 Dec 2008 - 18:55 by andyp
Jyoti serves South Indian vegetarian food which is a rarity in Birmingham which is better known for it's balti's. The food is great Dhosa is my typical choice...
NEW - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:17 by andyp
Reportedly one of Birmingham 's best restaurants, I've visited it twice, and found the food good and the service excellent. Portion sizes are small, which was ...
NEW - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:00 by andyp
Leisure * I'm interested in contemporary art, particularly novel performance art, interactive art, and SoundArt. * I go see the odd film at TheMAC or TheElect...
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Unfortunately The Lime and Chilli House has now closed. A Thai restaurant, SabaiSabai has opened at the same address. 25 Woodbridge Road Moseley Birmingham T...
r2 - 24 Jan 2004 - 11:46 by andyp
Places To Go * Stay at Cinderbury , a recreated Iron Age village * The Ice Hotel or it's Canadian Twin * Visit this amazing hotel and stay in the C...
r14 - 12 Oct 2008 - 12:59 by andyp
This vegetarian cafe is situated in the BirminghamFriendsOfTheEarth building "TheWarehouse" in Digbeth. Phone 0121 633 0261 to confirm opening hours, but the las...
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