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Some of these might be a bit large - what the hell! I've got bandwidth smile

Fed up with viewing great animations in a tiny box on a web page? Find out How To View Flash Animations At Full Size.

A bizare Pythonesque [how do you spell "-esk"?] animation with great happy music from Trazan And Banarne - (500Kb) (9/10)

French Rabbit Song and Dance: (800Kb) (8/10)

Hyakugojyuuichi!! Happy Japanese Song. Bizare Found Pictures. "Give me my sweater back, or I'll play the guitar." (2Mb) (10/10)
- If you have problems playing this (i.e. it pauses at random points) then right click on it, click on "play" to remove the tick, wait for it to load fully, then click on "play" again to restart. It really is fantastic)

More at

The Truth is What You Belive - Interactive Art. Nice Music. Dial. (7/10)

I discovered this on a dark and incredibly windy night - scarey stuff - (7/10)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Not in the same class as the above, but worth a look - (5/10)

The Little Ninja - Great Animation. Too Short. You need the bandwidth. - (7/10)

Blode. Nice Music. Lots of jumping up and down. My eyes went funny. E. - (6/10)
Blode 2. A theme emerges. If my mate had done this in their bedroom I'd be proud. Ocelot. (4/10)
Blode 3. Lots of Furry Critters - c.f. Bonsai Kittens. "Musk Ox is not very dirty". A return to form. A happy ending. (1410K) (8/10)

Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob - Proper stories, proper cartoon, bonus games and groovy music (the rapping is a bit wierd though!)[8/10]
Homepage - (it was at but this is broken now, perhaps due to MTV screening the show. The people who made it seem to have moved to
Try these links to see the episodes in full-screen: [1, 2 3 4 5]. Failing that try searching for '"Miss Muffy" swf'

Yatta. More Fanimutation, with a consumer theme. Very quick moving - (1800k) (7/10)

August Stringberg and Helium. A depressive wierdo with a happy helium balloon sidekick -

Not really my taste in music, but does feature a Llama (2/10)

Kunst Bar, if you could drink art... (Winner of an award from ) (3Mb) (9/10)

Stephen Hawkins love story featuring Davros and the Darleks singing along to "Together in Electric Dreams". It's just beautiful - (9/10)

Fag smoking, flat cap wearing kittens perform "Independent Woman" - (8/10)

Doctor Who, written by Douglas Adams. Excellent, really captures the Dr Who Style - (9/10)

Nim's Winter Tale. A real cartoon, with nice music. Very worth watching at full size (see: How To View Flash Animations At Full Size) - (8/10)

The Meatrix - I don't even like The Matrix, but I loved this spoof - (8/10)

The people who produced The Meatrix also have more good films at:

New York Girl in Baghdad. Music video using newspaper photo cutups - (8/10)

The Elements by Tom Lehrer. I love Tom Lehrer - his songs are fun, witty and subversive (in a 1950's kind of way). I came across this nice flash video for his best known song "The Elements" - it should appeal to anyone with any recollection of chemistry lessons at school, or anyone with ears for that matter - (9/10)

See also: There's a random collection of swf stuff at: - I've only checked out the "Miss Muffy " stuff.
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