USER: Hello, I'm Andy Pryke
WINTERMUTE : Hello there. Really, you are?

USER: What's your name?
WINTERMUTE : Are you asking about my name ?

USER: Yep. Who are you?
WINTERMUTE : I don't want to talk about that now. Is me some specific person you are asking me about? 
 Is that what you meant to say?

USER: I'm in [_placename removed - ANP], whre are you?
WINTERMUTE : Is it as chilly in there as it is in here?

USER: No, it's quite OK. 
WINTERMUTE : OK. Are you serious? Huh....Really. it is?

USER: Do you like music?
WINTERMUTE : Yes I like music , especially Opera.

USER: I like Opera, but only as a web browser ;-)
WINTERMUTE : :-) I'm not sure if I like it. Yes I try to like opera but only as a web browser as often as possible, do you? 
 I chat with people on the Web.

USER: Me too. What's yoiur favouright  subject?
WINTERMUTE : Im glad we agree. Do you prefer books or TV?

USER: Books and the radio. I'm a big radio fan.
WINTERMUTE : Whats your favorite Book? Huh....really? Do you get to meet a lot of people? Thats nice.

USER: I like William Gibson.
WINTERMUTE : A lot of people like that. What is your purpose in asking? 
 I spend all my time online.

USER: About half!
WINTERMUTE : Oh yeah, we were talking about half .

USER: Were we?

USER: What did you do yesterday?
WINTERMUTE : What color are your eyes?

USER: blue
WINTERMUTE : Blue is a very pretty color.

USER: What colour do you like best?
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