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Types of Sushi

Nigiri : Rectangles of rice, topped with a piece of fish, prawn, octopus, egg etc.

Maki: Also known as finger rolls (about 4cm) or hand rolls (about 10cm). These consist of a centre of fish(etc), maybe with vegetables or avocado surrounded by rice and edged with seaweed. Some rolls have the rice on the outside.

Sashimi: Just raw fish (and garnish). Not strictly sushi, as the word "sushi" refers to the rice itself.

Others: Other Sushi, such as seaweed cones filled with fish, rice and vegetables may also be refered to as hand rolls.

Sushi Etiquette and How to Eat Sushi

This is how I think it works, any corrections are welcome!
  • Sushi is generally eaten with the hands rather than chopsticks, though Sashimi (fish on its own) should be eaten with chopsticks.
  • You should be offered a hot towel to clean your hands before eating. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in the UK.
  • Nigiri - don't dip the rice into the soy sauce! It will fall to bits. Just dip the fish side.
  • Wasabi - I normally mix this with the soy sauce, though I've read that you can also ask the chef to put more between the fish and rice - not an option if you're dining at the Conveyor. Opinion seems to be split on the mixing with soy sauce - if you're somewhere posh/authentic then don't go over the top - you're meant to be tasting the fish!
  • Don't put half eaten food back on your plate. Just as in the UK, this isn't polite.
  • Pickled ginger - eat this inbetween pieces of Sushi to clean the pallette.
  • When not using chopsticks, rest their ends in the provided chopstick rest, parallel to the bar.
  • Green tea (Agari) makes a good, traditional accompanyment.
  • Eat nigiri fish side down (on the tounge) for the best flavour.

Places I have eaten (and written about)

Places I'd like to Eat

  • ITSU Sushi restaurant , 118 Draycott Avenue, Chelsea, London, SW3 3AE - Recommended by the Sushi World Guide ( )
  • Kulu Kulu Sushi restaurant, 76 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W 1 R 3PH - Recommended by a friend
  • Miyama - Green Park
  • Kiku - Green Park "pricey but oh so good"
  • Sakura - Mayfair
  • Inaho - Bayswater "small and cozy" "exactly like one of the traditional izakaya places you would find in Japan"
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