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I saw Adam Chodzko's pieces "A place for 'The End'" and "The International God Look Alike Contest" at the Ikon. Site for A Place for 'The End' * Opposite 76 T...
r3 - 01 Jan 2007 - 23:55 by andyp
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r2 - 08 Oct 2006 - 23:05 by andyp
Am\xE9lie, aka Le Fabuleux destin d'Am\xE9lie Poulain An excellent film directed/written by Jean Pierre Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant who were also involved in The...
r2 - 06 May 2002 - 16:44 by andyp
Re arranging the letters of 'Andrew Neil Pryke' gives: Ya! wrinkled preen. Kinder, new player. Idly preen wanker. Weak reply in nerd. ...
NEW - 27 Mar 2001 - 15:37 by andyp
I received the following on 31 March 1999: : If you receive an email titled "It Takes Guts to Say 'Jesus' DO NOT open it. It will erase everything on your har...
NEW - 16 Jul 2001 - 15:48 by andyp
If you search for "Andy Birmingham" or Andy Birmingham I'm hoping you'll end up here on the Andy Pryke page. Similarly for Andy Moseley or "Andy Moseley"....
r5 - 03 Dec 2006 - 19:56 by andyp
Software * Xenu's Link Checker (Windows) Check the links on any website, of any size, for free * psiMind (Psion)...
r2 - 19 Dec 2003 - 22:10 by andyp
Saw this on the 11th Jan 2003 Anita and me is written by MeeraSyal and deals with the friendship between Meena (whose parent's are Indian) and Anita (whose parent...
NEW - 11 Jan 2003 - 15:43 by andyp
I quite liked this Modified Tory Poster, I actually found it through a search for "lies"! ht...
r2 - 26 Apr 2005 - 17:51 by andyp
Saturday 7th September Saw Jinrai who I'd seen before at the MoseleyFestival this time with much better sound quality. Also saw the BeachBums (a Beach Boys)...
NEW - 08 Sep 2002 - 11:08 by andyp
As We May Think by VannevarBush Below are a selection of quotes from the article. He urges that men of science should then turn to the massive task of making mor...
NEW - 15 Jul 2001 - 13:26 by andyp
Association of British Drivers Text Taken from the newsletter of "Steer" ( http://www.steer ) April 2000: The ABD is the motoring equivalent of the Co...
NEW - 16 Oct 2003 - 09:21 by andyp
Website: http://www.a v Will be putting on events in 2003
NEW - 17 Oct 2002 - 19:04 by andyp
Previous: BlogMarch2005 Next: BlogMay2005 Sun 17 Apr 2005 testing 1 2 3 Posted on the move at 22:33:03 Sun 17 Apr 2005 Sign of the Times I spotted this sign in ...
NEW - 17 Apr 2005 - 13:43 by andyp
Avebury Stone Circle isthe largest stone circle in the world, and the location of the rather scary 1980's children serial, Children Of The Stones. * Map of Ave...
NEW - 01 Jan 2005 - 21:41 by andyp
BUGA 2005 Munich is host to BUGA 2005, the national garden festival. For 14euros you get a day pass, and there's definately a day full of things to see. Almost al...
NEW - 30 Jul 2005 - 17:51 by andyp
The Beale Cipers may be a hoax, or may contain instructions which lead to a hoard of gold. They were published in the US in the 19th Century, with a decoding for ...
r3 - 27 Oct 2002 - 16:26 by andyp
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NEW - 25 Aug 2002 - 21:05 by andyp
Photo of the Year * View from British Camp on a foggy day: See more pictures Music of the Year Misty's Big Adventure I saw Misty's Big Adven...
r5 - 10 Jun 2006 - 14:16 by andyp
Best of Blog 2007 Photo of the Year Drumtrodden Stones and Rainbow Visited the standing stones and cup and ring marks at Drumtrodden near Stranrae in Scotland....
NEW - 28 Dec 2007 - 17:37 by andyp
Intro Birmingham has a pretty rotten reputation within the UK based mainly on the awful things done to the city centre during the 1960's. Some of these such a...
r21 - 21 Aug 2008 - 14:55 by andyp
Bloggers Dates in brackets refer to the last update (checked on 2nd Jan 2003) or the date I added the blog. If you want to be added, just mail me at blog(at_sign)...
r57 - 20 Sep 2008 - 19:28 by andyp
Birmingham Council Elections 2007 The picture below shows the percentage of votes obtained by each party in each ward. Red indicates a low vote, green the highest...
r2 - 14 Mar 2008 - 14:04 by andyp
Unfortunately I don't know the title of this piece or the name of the artist! However... This piece was a sound installation at the (newly opened) Arcadian shoppi...
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 22:50 by andyp
Survey of Visual arts in the West Midlands Date: 25 May 8 June 2002 Venue: TheChuckWorks Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 ...
NEW - 26 May 2002 - 20:30 by andyp
5th December 2003 Ate at Bistro Lyonnais for the first time in a couple of years. Almost all the diners were 45 or over. Initially, I was a bit wary of our table...
NEW - 09 Dec 2003 - 10:16 by andyp
A (Birmingham Based) group of artists producing works involving sound. Pieces include HumDrum, which I saw at the MAC , in which they used a "stethoscope elect...
r2 - 26 Oct 2006 - 23:15 by andyp
Sunday 11th March 2007 Yoyogi Park * Yoyogi Park Sign: * Phew!: * Cartoon Sign No Lions Allowed: * Emergency Water Point?: ...
NEW - 07 Apr 2007 - 21:30 by andyp
Religious Texts In hotel rooms you often get a Gideon Bible. Here in the Marriott, you get four different books: A New Testament, a Book of Mormon, The Teaching o...
NEW - 20 Jul 2007 - 13:48 by andyp
Tuesday 13th March 2007 Raw Egg Breakfast Breakfast at the Ryokan included raw egg, which you broke into the rice (at least that's what people seemed to be doing...
NEW - 20 Jul 2007 - 14:04 by andyp
Previous: BlogMar2002 Next: BlogMay2002 Tues 16th April Saw Misty's Big Adventure with BruteForce at the Academy. For a review, see the Misty's Big Adventure pa...
r6 - 08 May 2002 - 21:17 by andyp
Previous: BlogMarch2003 Next: BlogMay2003 25th April 2003 Saw TheVaginaMonologues at TheRep 23rd April 2003 Found this cool self organising music rating site thin...
r7 - 28 Dec 2003 - 13:52 by andyp
Previous: BlogMarch2004 Next: BlogMay2004 24th April 2004 Got round to updating the gigs on the Misty's Big Adventure page. 17th April 2004 Added New York Gir...
r6 - 26 Apr 2005 - 12:40 by andyp
Previous: BlogMarch2005 Next: BlogMay2005 Sat 30th April 2005 Subject: Withypool Stone Circle Nice peaceful circle on Withypool hill. Again, there are rumours i...
r18 - 24 May 2005 - 22:55 by andyp
Prev: BlogMarch2006 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2005 Next: BlogMay2006 Sun 30th Apr 2006 Well Dressing in Malvern Well dressing is an interesting English tradition in ...
r17 - 03 May 2006 - 22:07 by andyp
Prev: BlogMarch2007 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2006 Next: BlogMay2007 Friday 27th April 2007 Adobe Building Photos I'd seen the posters on the side of the Museum and...
r4 - 12 Apr 2007 - 21:37 by andyp
Prev: BlogMarch2008 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2007 Next: BlogMay2008 Wednesday 30th April 2008 R.I.P. Humph Humphrey Littleton died last Saturday. I knew him best f...
r12 - 30 Apr 2008 - 17:13 by andyp
Prev: BlogMarch2009 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2008 Next: BlogNovember2009(!) There's a gap in my blog, the next one is BlogNovember2009. Thursday 23rd April 2009 Pe...
r3 - 17 Nov 2009 - 11:50 by andyp
Prev: BlogNovember2009 (!) 1 Year Ago: BlogApril2009 Next: BlogMay2010 Thursday 29th April 2010 Deciding Who I'm Voting for and Why I'm lucky enough to live in...
r2 - 30 Apr 2010 - 09:57 by andyp
Previous: BlogJuly2002 Next: BlogSeptember2002 30th August Saw StonesInTheirPockets at the Rep. Very good two hander in which the actors played multiple character...
r13 - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:39 by andyp
Previous: BlogJuly2003 Next: BlogSeptember2003 31st August 2003 Arrive in Rome. 30th August 2003 Visited Porto Santo Stefano, on Argentario. By change it was the ...
r2 - 18 Sep 2003 - 21:43 by andyp
Previous: BlogJuly2004 Next: BlogSeptember2004 13th to 31st August 2004 In Sicily, Napoli and Munich. Climbing up volcanos, watching them explode, sitting on the...
r4 - 01 Jan 2005 - 21:18 by andyp
Prev: BlogJuly2005 1 Year Ago: BlogAugust2004 Next: BlogSeptember2005 Wed 31 Aug 2005 Burlesque Show at the Spiegel Garden The Spiegel Tent is a lovely place, b...
r13 - 30 Oct 2007 - 20:28 by andyp
Prev: BlogJuly2006 1 Year Ago: BlogAugust2005 Next: BlogSeptember2006 Wed 30 Aug 2006 Wild Boar in the UK Saw this sign in some woods on the welsh border near S...
r11 - 11 Sep 2006 - 17:28 by andyp
Prev: BlogJuly2007 1 Year Ago: BlogAugust2006 Next: BlogSeptember2007 Friday 31st Aug 2007 Vandalism... I don't really approve of this, but you can't deny it's...
r12 - 28 Dec 2007 - 16:24 by andyp
Prev: BlogJuly2008 1 Year Ago: BlogAugust2007 Next: BlogSeptember2008 Fri 29th August 2008 Moseley Folk Festival Luckily, the weather was good today, the first...
r3 - 07 Sep 2008 - 08:58 by andyp
End of both the month and year. Time for a new BlogJan2002! 29 Dec 2001 Boycott Xmas If only I'd found this site earlier I could have saved a fortune (and the p...
r7 - 05 Jan 2002 - 21:50 by andyp
Previous: BlogNovember2002 Next: BlogJanuary2003 31st December 2002 Discovered that there's a Birmingham Blogger's meetup planned (sort of) http://blog.meetup....
r7 - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:41 by andyp
Previous: BlogNovember2003 Next: BlogJanuary2004 31st December 2003 Dan O'Sullivan has done some interesting hi tech arts projects, such as SlowGlass and Ambigrap...
r10 - 31 Dec 2003 - 12:39 by andyp
Previous: BlogNovember2004 Next: BlogJanuary2005 Thursday 30th December 2004 Visited AveburyStoneCircle, Marlborough and the UffingtonWhiteHorse. I spotted this m...
r5 - 01 Jan 2005 - 21:14 by andyp
Prev: BlogNovember2005 1 Year Ago: BlogDecember2004 Next: BlogJanuary2006 Sat 31st Dec 2005 Finished my BestOfBlog2005, summarising what I liked most in 2005, ...
r10 - 19 Jan 2006 - 09:18 by andyp
Prev: BlogNovember2006 1 Year Ago: BlogDecember2005 Next: BlogJanuary2007 Saturday 30th December 2006 Overnight from Berlin to Birmingham I caught the half nin...
r12 - 03 Jan 2007 - 19:44 by andyp
Prev: BlogNovember2007 1 Year Ago: BlogDecember2006 Next: BlogJanuary2008 Friday 28th December 2007 Best of Blog 2007 It's that time of year again, and I've lo...
r10 - 31 Jan 2008 - 18:10 by andyp
Prev: BlogNovember2008 1 Year Ago: BlogDecember2007 Next: BlogJanuary2009 Thursday 18th December 2008 Mistys and the Retro Spankees Misty's always play a Chris...
r4 - 06 Jan 2009 - 23:21 by andyp
Previous: BlogJan2002 Next: BlogMar2002 28th Feb 2002 KlubCatusi / Cinephilia film night at the Mac, showing HellsBelles. Previously I've seen OurManFlint and...
r9 - 31 Mar 2002 - 15:58 by andyp
Previous: BlogJanuary2003 Next: BlogMarch2003 28th February 2003 (Dublin) Breakfast at Cafe on rd parallel to Harcourt St. My vegi breakfast is fine eggs, mushr...
r6 - 04 Mar 2003 - 21:28 by andyp
Previous: BlogJanuary2004 Next: BlogMarch2004 19th February 2004 Stan's Cafe performed "Talk To Me" at theMAC. 18th February 2004 Saw a collection of American...
r3 - 22 Feb 2004 - 20:34 by andyp
Previous: BlogJanuary2005 Next: BlogMarch2005 27th February 2005 Saw Stuart Estell (accordian) and Ian Nutt (guitar) perform at the Old Mo'. Very nice lyrical so...
r11 - 11 Mar 2005 - 20:11 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2006 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2005 Next: BlogMarch2006 Sun 26th Feb 2006 Darwin Day Finally wrote a brief entry for Darwin Day in Birmingham inc...
r12 - 26 Feb 2006 - 22:54 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2007 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2006 Next: BlogMarch2007 Sunday 24th February 2007 Elephants at the City Museum On Sunday I visited the City Muse...
r10 - 26 Dec 2007 - 15:47 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2008 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2007 Next: BlogMarch2008 Weds 27th February 2008 The Philosopher's Magazine have this fun game called Battlegrou...
r11 - 27 Feb 2008 - 12:05 by andyp
Prev: BlogJanuary2009 1 Year Ago: BlogFebruary2008 Next: BlogMarch2009 Sat 28th February 2009 Sushi Kaji Sushi Kaji is listed as one of Toronto's top Asian res...
r3 - 03 Mar 2009 - 22:06 by andyp
Prev: BlogMay2009 1 Year Ago: BlogGlastonbury2008 Next: BlogJuly2009 Prev: BlogMay2009 1 Year Ago: BlogGlastonbury2008 Next: BlogJuly2009 Contact me: Website ...
NEW - 23 Jun 2009 - 10:15 by andyp
Previous: BlogDec2001 Next: BlogFeb2002 31st Jan 2002 Thought about ResourceDiscoveryInP2PNetworks. 30th Jan 2002 Zoom in and out of the universe. Each click take...
r16 - 28 Feb 2002 - 19:02 by andyp
Previous: BlogDecember2002 Next: BlogFebruary2003 31st January 2003 Saw Faith by HelenKelly at BirminghamUniversity. Before seeing the play, all I knew was that i...
r21 - 04 Jul 2003 - 20:14 by andyp
Previous: BlogDecember2003 Next: BlogFebruary2004 31st January 2004 Rediscovered MetaSpy ( )which tells you what pe...
r5 - 31 Jan 2004 - 18:26 by andyp
Previous: BlogDecember2004 Next: BlogFebruary2005 Sunday 30th January Saw Goodbye Lenin (from CinePhilia), which I'd missed at the cinema. Not the pure comedy w...
r6 - 06 Feb 2005 - 19:06 by andyp
Prev: BlogDecember2005 1 Year Ago: BlogJanuary2005 Next: BlogFebruary2006 Tue 31 Jan 2006 Ikon Gallery I'm not so into 2D art, and only a couple of the photos a...
r15 - 10 Mar 2006 - 23:47 by andyp
Prev: BlogDecember2006 1 Year Ago: BlogJanuary2006 Next: BlogFebruary2007 Tuesday 31st January 2007 Lost Souls Nice work above a cash point in Moseley recently...
r14 - 02 Jan 2008 - 22:37 by andyp
Prev: BlogDecember2007 1 Year Ago: BlogJanuary2007 Next: BlogFebruary2008 Thursday 31st January 2008 Mechanical Bride I couple of nights ago, I ended up listen...
r8 - 15 Feb 2008 - 22:01 by andyp
Prev: BlogDecember2008 1 Year Ago: BlogJanuary2009 Next: BlogFebruary2009 Friday 30th January 2009 Great New Videos from Misty's Big Adventure Mark Locke ...
r8 - 03 Feb 2009 - 20:30 by andyp
Previous: BlogJune2002 Next: BlogAugust2002 July 31st 2002 Visisted and watched a couple of animations. July 30th 2002 Finally saw MikeIn...
r5 - 03 Aug 2002 - 11:14 by andyp
Previous: BlogJune2003 Next: BlogAugust2003 25th July 2003 Found a nice animation of the CrystalPalace Did an interes...
r6 - 18 Sep 2003 - 23:04 by andyp
Previous: BlogJune2004 Next: BlogAugust2004 18th July 2004 Moseley Festival again, with Misty's playing in the park. They went down very well, with lots of cheer...
r3 - 04 Aug 2004 - 09:44 by foe
Previous: BlogJune2005 Next: BlogAugust2005 One Year Back: BlogJuly2004 Sat 30 Jul 2005 Freezepop Stakeout I linked to some Freezepop mp3s back on the 15th, ...
r10 - 16 Nov 2005 - 16:16 by andyp
Prev: BlogJune2006 1 Year Ago: BlogJuly2005 Next: BlogAugust2006 Monday 24th July 2006 The Best Cheesecake in Vancouver? I ate allegedly "The Best Cheesecake in...
r12 - 27 Jul 2006 - 06:33 by andyp
Prev: BlogJune2007 1 Year Ago: BlogJuly2006 Next: BlogAugust2007 Sunday 29th July 2007 The Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Mill I just watched this episode of Bagp...
r7 - 30 Jul 2007 - 08:14 by andyp
Prev: BlogJune2008 1 Year Ago: BlogJuly2007 Next: BlogAugust2008 Wednesday 30th July Central Park The Fabled Central Park. I remember a children's program wher...
r6 - 16 Aug 2008 - 21:32 by andyp
Previous: BlogMay2002 Next: BlogJuly2002 25th June to 1st July 2002 Glastonbury. Saw BelleAndSebastian, SiezeTheDay, AtillaTheStockbroker, JonOtway, Orbital ...
r10 - 04 Aug 2002 - 12:08 by andyp
Previous: BlogMay2003 Next: BlogJuly2003 24th 30th June 2003 Went to GlastonburyFestival2003! 22nd June 2003 Thinking of going to Edinburgh to see ManuChao 8t...
r8 - 18 Sep 2003 - 23:05 by andyp
Previous: BlogMay2004 Next: BlogJuly2004 I've been without web access at home for most of the last month, so this is a bit sparse! 29th June 2004 Been at Glaston...
r3 - 04 Jul 2004 - 18:52 by andyp
Previous: BlogMay2005 Next: BlogJuly2005 One Year Back: BlogJune2004 Sun 26 Jun 2005 The Pricillas Saw the Pricillas up in Lost Vagueness. A great 4 piece band...
r20 - 02 Apr 2008 - 16:54 by andyp
Prev: BlogMay2006 1 Year Ago: BlogJune2005 Next: BlogJuly2006 Sunday 25th June 2006 Upcoming: Misty's and Kate Goes... at Cotteridge Festival Saturday J...
r14 - 25 Jun 2006 - 22:17 by andyp
Prev: BlogMay2007 1 Year Ago: BlogJune2006 Next: BlogJuly2007 Sat 30th June 2007 Tunnel Vision Visited the Fierce Tunnel Vision event today. The tunnel in que...
r8 - 28 Dec 2007 - 16:24 by andyp
Prev: BlogMay2008 1 Year Ago: BlogJune2007 Next: BlogJuly2008 Tuesday 24th June 2008 Monday 30th June 2008 I'm off to Glastonbury Festival today, so I've set ...
r6 - 08 Jul 2008 - 22:20 by andyp
Prev: BlogMay2008 1 Year Ago: BlogJune2007 Next: BlogJuly2008 Main Blog for June: BlogJune2008 Service Interrupted! Doh! I planned to blog loads live here from ...
r3 - 04 Jul 2008 - 12:03 by andyp
Thu 25 Jun 2009 Greenpeace Village Greenpeace are building a replica of a village threatened by the building of a 3rd runway at Heathrow. Looks great! Posted on ...
Previous: BlogFeb2002 Next: BlogApr2002 30th March Saw LookBackInAnger by JohnOsborne at the CrescentTheatre. Very good performance. I didn't know the plot or for...
r9 - 01 Feb 2006 - 23:24 by andyp
Back to BlogMarch2007 Saturday 10th March 2007 Ameyayokocho Market This market sells everything from fruit, veg and fish, to the latest trainers and octopus bal...
NEW - 25 Mar 2007 - 17:30 by andyp
Previous: BlogFebruary2003 Next: BlogApril2003 29th March 2003 Saw VladislavDelay at the CustardFactory gallery space, accompanied by groovy visuals. 24th March 2...
r9 - 17 Aug 2005 - 19:05 by andyp
Previous: BlogFebruary2004 Next: BlogApril2004 30th March 2004 SevenInchCinema at TheRainbow on a Japanesse theme. 27th March 2004 Heard "Excess Baggage" on Radio...
r4 - 03 Apr 2004 - 17:16 by andyp
Previous: BlogFebruary2005 Next: BlogApril2005 Tuesday 29th March Visited the Tapas Bar in Moseley briefly, to meet with friends, then off to The Rainbow ...
r6 - 30 Mar 2005 - 22:20 by andyp
Prev: BlogFebruary2006 1 Year Ago: BlogMarch2005 Next: BlogApril2006 Tue 28 Mar 2006 The Courtesy Group, Misty's Big Adventure and The Guilemots OK. 1st off...
r16 - 10 Jun 2006 - 14:15 by andyp
Prev: BlogFebruary2007 1 Year Ago: BlogMarch2006 Next: BlogApril2007 Saturday 30th March 2007 Kate Goes... To Wonderland The latest theme for Kate Goes... was ...
r21 - 29 Feb 2008 - 12:23 by andyp
Prev: BlogFebruary2008 1 Year Ago: BlogMarch2007 Next: BlogApril2008 Sunday 23rd March 2008 Seven Inch Cinema American film collector Jack Stevenson was back i...
r6 - 11 Apr 2008 - 15:38 by andyp
Prev: BlogFebruary2009 1 Year Ago: BlogMarch2008 Next: BlogApril2009 Saturday 14th March Sita Sings the Blues I linked to NinaPaley in my fourth ever blog post...
NEW - 16 Mar 2009 - 12:00 by andyp
Back to BlogMarch2007 Friday March 9th 2007 Ryokan Breakfast The breakfast at the Ryokan didn't disappoint, with more yuba and also a bowl of tiny little white ...
NEW - 25 Mar 2007 - 16:30 by andyp
Previous: BlogApr2002 Next: BlogJune2002 26th May 2002 While searching for DadaMouttonNoir, I found: http://www.arthole about the vis...
r6 - 08 Jun 2002 - 19:03 by andyp
Previous: BlogApril2003 Next: BlogJune2003 31st May 2003 FierceFestival: Saw the excellent RoomService by GobSquad at the HowardJohnsonHotel in WestBromwich. 29t...
r7 - 18 Sep 2003 - 23:05 by andyp
Previous: BlogApril2004 Next: BlogJune2004 29th May 2004 Uncle Roy is All Around You West Bromich. Uncle Roy is All Around You is a game which involves real play...
r4 - 17 Jun 2004 - 10:28 by andyp
Previous: BlogApril2005 Next: BlogJune2005 Tue 31 May 2005 Cityspace Opening Went to the opening of am exhibition at CitySpace, the gallery hidden above the pho...
r19 - 31 Dec 2005 - 16:51 by andyp
Prev: BlogApril2006 1 Year Ago: BlogMay2005 Next: BlogJune2006 Wed 31 May 2006 Fierce: Live Results of Fist Here's the live results from the Fierce arm wrestlin...
r19 - 03 Jun 2006 - 11:30 by andyp
Prev: BlogApril2007 1 Year Ago: BlogMay2006 Next: BlogJune2007 Wednesday 30th May 2007 Boating Today I rowed around the Birmingham canal system in an old fridg...
r18 - 14 Mar 2008 - 14:04 by andyp
Prev: BlogApril2008 1 Year Ago: BlogMay2007 Next: BlogJune2008 Saturday 31st May 2008 Beloved Across to Compton Verney to see Beloved. It looked like a slight...
r8 - 08 Jun 2008 - 21:04 by andyp
Previous: BlogOctober2002 Next: BlogDecember2002 29th November See TheLevellers at TheAcademy very good. The contast between the clothes of the band and the aud...
r5 - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:42 by andyp
Previous: BlogOctober2003 Next: BlogDecember2003 30th November 2003 Saw "Master and Commander" at the UGC cinema not my normal choice of film, I found it a bit ...
r9 - 09 Dec 2003 - 23:16 by andyp
Previous: BlogOctober2004 Next: BlogDecember2004 Saturday 28th November 2004 Took part in the annual Birmingham "Santa Parade" to celebrate International Buy Not...
r4 - 28 Nov 2004 - 18:33 by andyp
Prev: BlogOctober2005 1 Year Ago: BlogNovember2004 Next: BlogDecember2005 Mon 28 Nov 2005 Wierd Blog This guy is acting out the advice in a spoof self help book...
r20 - 08 Dec 2005 - 15:51 by andyp
Prev: BlogOctober2006 1 Year Ago: BlogNovember2005 Next: BlogDecember2006 Thurs 30st Nov 2006 Stephen Hawkins Nice interview with Stephen Hawkins on Radio 4 th...
r15 - 30 Nov 2006 - 08:28 by andyp
Prev: BlogOctober2007 1 Year Ago: BlogNovember2006 Next: BlogDecember2007 Tuesday 27th November 2007 Ikon Opening Visited the Ikon Gallery for the opening ...
r5 - 05 Dec 2007 - 00:10 by andyp
Prev: BlogOctober2008 1 Year Ago: BlogNovember2007 Next: BlogDecember2008 Friday 28th November 2008 The (Moseley) Lunar Society Odd name really, given that th...
r4 - 16 Dec 2008 - 14:13 by andyp
Prev: BlogApril2009 (!) 1 Year Ago: BlogNovember2008 Next: BlogApril2010 Tues 17th November 2009 Blogging Gap... This blog started in December 2001, and the we...
r2 - 29 Apr 2010 - 13:18 by andyp
Previous: BlogSeptember2002 Next: BlogNovember2002 31st October 2002 Saw TheImportanceOfBeingErnest by OscarWilde at TheElectric. I liked the film Wilde's dialo...
r7 - 02 Dec 2005 - 00:02 by andyp
Previous: BlogSeptember2003 Next: BlogNovember2003 25th October 2003 Went to the hothaus reinvention day organised by Vivid . 20th October 2003 Started l...
r10 - 27 Sep 2008 - 17:27 by andyp
Previous: BlogSeptember2004 Next: BlogNovember2004 Fri 22nd October 2004 Visited a few places in the JewelryQuarter, and was suprised to see one of the oldest b...
r9 - 03 Jan 2005 - 15:08 by andyp
Prev: BlogSeptember2005 1 Year Ago: BlogOctober2004 Next: BlogNovember2005 30 Oct 2005 CinemaPhonic Berlin Symphony of a Great City An interesting documenta...
r19 - 31 Dec 2005 - 18:51 by andyp
Prev: BlogSeptember2006 1 Year Ago: BlogOctober2005 Next: BlogNovember2006 Sun 29th Oct Fun with Graphs Well, kind of fun anyway. I'd kind of forgotten about G...
r8 - 02 Oct 2007 - 20:24 by andyp
Prev: BlogSeptember2007 1 Year Ago: BlogOctober2006 Next: BlogNovember2007 Wednesday 31st October 2007 Ikon Eastide Halloween Party After um ing and err ing ab...
r23 - 28 Dec 2007 - 14:46 by andyp
Prev: BlogSeptember2008 1 Year Ago: BlogOctober2007 Next: BlogNovember2008 Friday 31st October 2008 Eastside at Halloween Wandered down to the (newish) Eastsi...
r5 - 10 Nov 2008 - 17:20 by andyp
Blog Removed in Protest This blog has been removed until 10pm on the 13th of March 2008 in support of the Reporters Without Borders 24 Hour protest against inte...
NEW - 13 Mar 2008 - 20:22 by andyp
Andy Pryke's Blog Birmingham based. Plays, films and gigs I've seen etc. en us Copyright Andy Pryke Andy Pryke And...
NEW - 27 Nov 2005 - 21:58 by andyp
Previous: BlogAugust2002 Next: BlogOctober2002 29th September Found a link to at MetaFilter the hotel has fantastic roo...
r7 - 02 Dec 2005 - 00:02 by andyp
Previous: BlogAugust2003 Next: BlogOctober2003 30th September 2003 Saw SevenInchCinema for the first time at TheRainbow. Very good and quite busy. It also include...
r8 - 28 Dec 2003 - 14:00 by andyp
Previous: BlogAugust2004 Next: BlogOctober2004 28th September 2004 Finally got to see some products of the ZX Spectrum Orchesta at Seven Inch Cinema . Mike...
r6 - 09 Oct 2004 - 21:35 by andyp
Prev: BlogAugust2005 1 Year Ago: BlogSeptember2004 Next: BlogOctober2005 Thu 29 Sep 2005 Top Dogs at The Rep Top Dogs at the Rep . From the very first, as t...
r15 - 10 Jun 2006 - 14:14 by andyp
Prev: BlogAugust2006 1 Year Ago: BlogSeptember2005 Next: BlogOctober2006 Sat 30th September Kate Finch at The Black Horse Saw Kate Finch at TheBlackHorse near ...
r19 - 01 Oct 2006 - 18:30 by andyp
Prev: BlogAugust2007 1 Year Ago: BlogSeptember2006 Next: BlogOctober2007 Sunday 30th September 2007 Comedy and Improv Night at Atticus Atticus is a venue I've ...
r11 - 03 Oct 2007 - 17:04 by andyp
Prev: BlogAugust2008 1 Year Ago: BlogSeptember2007 Next: BlogOctober2008 Saturday 28th September 2008 FoxNews Pull Stories Critical of Palin Google News today ...
r9 - 29 Sep 2008 - 08:29 by andyp
blogchalk lets people find blogs near them. You can generate the codes using this site but it didn't work for me in Opera. This is...
NEW - 12 Feb 2003 - 21:02 by andyp
Brummies Build Boat in Bonn The Journey On Friday the 20th of July, members of BirminghamFOE travelled to Bonn for the COP6 climate negotiations. We caught the tr...
r2 - 31 Jul 2001 - 21:23 by andyp
I could only come up with TheBible, DasCapital, TheWealthOfNations and TheSelfishGene (particularly for it's chapter on Memes . However, some other people have...
NEW - 11 Apr 2002 - 17:56 by andyp
Botanical Explosions The University of Birmingham's botanical gardens at Winterbourne were the site of a number of explosions yesterday, but don't worry, the were...
r2 - 31 Dec 2005 - 16:58 by andyp
MichaelMoore's documentary is intelligent, witty and down right funny in places. The 1st 1/2 hour is particularly amusing, but then, as is appropriate in a film c...
NEW - 04 Jan 2003 - 13:58 by andyp
British Camp is an iron age hill fort in the Malvern Hills. Here's some pictures I took from there in November 2005. * The fog made the hills appear like isla...
NEW - 22 Nov 2005 - 09:23 by andyp
Cafe Soya provides great Vietnamese food which is freshly cooked and very tasty! Portion sizes are generous, and it's good value for money. The Cafe is one of my ...
r5 - 04 Dec 2008 - 18:55 by andyp
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NEW - 03 Oct 2005 - 02:13 by andyp
Cheese Fondue Ingredients It's basically cheese and white wine, with a few other things thrown in for flavour and to stop the mixture seperating. Recipe (serves...
NEW - 18 Jan 2009 - 17:11 by andyp
Chladni Plates are flat vibrating metal plates which, when sprinkled with salt, show very interesting patterns. If the salt is replaced with a liquid, you can get...
NEW - 22 Jul 2004 - 18:11 by andyp
Digbeth Gallery Space 88 New Canal Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5TH
NEW - 26 May 2002 - 20:23 by andyp
An occasional gallery space above the Jacob's photography shop on Corporation Street, Birmingham
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 22:59 by andyp
CognitiveDissonance is one of the most interesting and applicable psychlogical princples. It can be used to explain and influence a wide variety of human behaviou...
r4 - 20 Jan 2002 - 13:38 by andyp
Cold Reading How to read someone's mind. Cold Reading Do you have the personality? Is this you? On a scale of 1 to 5, how well does this fit YOUR personality...
r5 - 21 Jan 2007 - 20:17 by andyp
The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit. Maugham I've divided my quotes collection into a number of sections. Browse away! * FavouriteQuo...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 07:36 by andyp
There seems to be no mainframe explanation for the PC world in which we're living. President Bill Clinton "That Bill Clinton. He probably doesn't know how to l...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 06:56 by andyp
Overview * CERT if you want to stay up to date with security risks, read CERT * Video, audio and slides from the Black Hat Briefings co...
NEW - 15 Jul 2001 - 10:56 by andyp
* ComputerSecurity * UnixAdmin All pages are WorkInProgress Main.AndyPryke 15 Jul 2001
r2 - 15 Jul 2001 - 12:24 by andyp
I tried various things to convert Outlook Express dbx files to mbox or eml files. I wanted to import my mail into Zoe , but converting to text files is also a ...
NEW - 10 Nov 2002 - 20:59 by andyp
* Electronic ink Already piloted for in store advertising, now getting closer to use in consumer products Main.AndyPryke 24 Apr 2001
NEW - 24 Apr 2001 - 10:10 by andyp
Website: http://www.crescent 20 Sheepcote Street, Brindleyplace, Birmingham B16 8AE Box Office Tel: 0121 643 5858 (Mon Sat, 12 noon 7pm) Map: h...
NEW - 31 Mar 2002 - 20:05 by andyp
Cults, Brainwashing and Psychological Manipulation I'm interested in the way peoples beliefs are formed and changed. This includes the manipulation techniques use...
r2 - 04 Nov 2001 - 19:52 by andyp
Cuneiform is a form of writing created with a wedge (cuneus) shaped tool. The first inscriptions discovered dates back to about 3000BC, and the most recent from t...
r4 - 31 Jan 2007 - 00:02 by andyp
Dr Andy Pryke Data Mining Ph.D. and Consultant Andy Pryke is an expert in data mining, data visualisation and applied statistics, with more than 12 years #8217;...
r12 - 26 May 2011 - 12:32 by andyp
The Custard Factory is home to the MedicineBar and also provides office/work space for many people working in the "creative" and "new media" spheres. Address: Ad...
NEW - 01 Oct 2003 - 19:47 by andyp
DNS Troubleshooting * Great checks for various DNS fields, with explainations and links to RFCs * Onli...
r7 - 07 Jan 2009 - 18:36 by andyp
Wierd... http://www.arthole
NEW - 26 May 2002 - 20:21 by andyp
TheRep, 15th May 2003 This was an excellent play, which I'd consider seeing again (though I didn't get time). CharlesDarwin is living in Malibu in 2003, spending...
NEW - 04 Jul 2003 - 19:30 by andyp
Making Sense of Information I work to help people understand information which is too large or complex to make sense of using standard office software. Common are...
r8 - 16 Jan 2009 - 13:58 by andyp
Derek Acorah Derek Acorah is a self proclaimed "Clairvoyant Psychic" famed for channeling the spirits of "Kreed Kafer" and "Rik Eedles", anagrams of "Derek Fak...
r3 - 21 Jan 2007 - 23:26 by andyp
Digbeth is an area of Birmingham which hasn't yet had all the character removed to be replaced in order to make it look like a carbon copy of any other city. ...
NEW - 18 Jun 2005 - 10:30 by andyp
Quotes from DorothyParker... I wish I could drink like a lady I can take one or two at the most Three and I'm under the table Four and I'm under the host Dorothy...
r3 - 01 Sep 2006 - 06:54 by andyp
From memory: Higgeldy Piggeldy Christopher Isherwood I've never heard of you, do you exist? My good friend Geraldine Says you wrote "Cabaret" Speaking quite candi...
NEW - 08 Feb 2002 - 20:12 by andyp
Best known as the author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams took ages to write his books and scripts apparently he revised and revised them. ...
r3 - 17 Aug 2005 - 19:02 by andyp
Frank Drake, came up with the following equation to estimate the number of extra terrestrial civilisations with which we might be able to communicate: N = R* #21...
NEW - 22 Dec 2001 - 20:59 by andyp
I've been interested in the concept of memes since I read TheSelfishGene by RichardDawkin as a child. I'd also written on EmailVirusesAndChainLetters as an e...
r3 - 31 Mar 2002 - 15:52 by andyp
Eastfield play fun punk with a railway influence UrbanRailPunk I've seen them about 4 times at the time of writing. Latest Gigs: http://www.eastfieldrailpunk.c...
r4 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:27 by andyp
Accomodation * Hotels * *
r2 - 22 Jun 2003 - 17:17 by andyp
Sounds a bit weird to me, but I decided it would be interesting to put down my editorial policy for this website. I think the key bit is that it only mentions pub...
r3 - 26 Feb 2006 - 23:24 by andyp
The Electric is an independent cinema in Birmingham city centre. The only other independent / "art house" film cinema is at The MAC . However, if you want an e...
r4 - 18 Apr 2005 - 12:22 by andyp
This page was written in Spring 1999 as a rough and ready reference for local users when I worked at the DepartmentOfComputer Science, at TheUniversityOfBirmingha...
r5 - 16 Feb 2003 - 13:14 by andyp
I particularly like SoundSculpture and SoundArt, LiveArt and InteractiveArt, EnvironmentalArt, video installations and three dimensional art installations. Onlin...
r11 - 26 Jan 2003 - 16:42 by andyp
Artists include AndyGoldsworthy, NilsUdo, IanHamiltonFinlay See:
NEW - 10 Mar 2002 - 23:18 by andyp
The Data Mine Ltd has moved to www.the data This page will automatically update in 5 seconds The visualisations previously found here can now be view...
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A StoicPhilosopher born around 55CE, who lived initially in Rome, and taught in northern Greece. The major record of his work is contained in TheDiscourses and Th...
r3 - 21 Nov 2003 - 18:44 by andyp
I was a bit confused about the relationship between "omega 6" and "omega 3" fatty acids, Linoleic Acid and Alpha Linolenic acid, whether they are good for you, an...
r4 - 11 Aug 2005 - 21:34 by andyp
FAQ: Main.AndyPryke 15 May 2001
NEW - 15 May 2001 - 14:54 by andyp
More electronic wierdness: Website:
NEW - 17 Oct 2002 - 19:10 by andyp
From: Andy N Pryke (A.N.Pryke #64; Subject: Re: herbs which repell ants? Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs Date: 1996/07/04 On alt.folklore.herbs,...
NEW - 18 May 2001 - 20:39 by andyp
"The Portrait of the Inventor (eNTp) Copyrighted \xA9 1996 2001 Prometheus Nemesis Book Company. Of the four aspects of strategic analysis and definition it is t...
NEW - 24 Mar 2001 - 17:45 by andyp
So far, I've got TrollingLatexNewsgroups, GravityIsAQuantumConspiracy and ExplodingAnts! Main.AndyPryke 18 May 2001
NEW - 18 May 2001 - 20:39 by andyp
And the Devil asked me to supper, he said "Careful with the spoons" And God said "Oh ignore him. I've got all your albums" I said "Yes, but who's got all the tune...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 06:54 by andyp
Music pub next to the canal on Sheepcote St, off Broad St, Birmingham . It was started by 2 musicians from TheCityOfBirminghamSymphonyOrchestra At the time of w...
NEW - 11 Aug 2002 - 14:56 by andyp
The fierce festival is a annual performing arts festival occuring in Birmingham, with some of the wierdest and most innovative performance you're likely to encoun...
r4 - 21 Apr 2008 - 16:35 by andyp
"An artist led company dedicated to the production of innovative art events in urban locations, most notably UnderSpaghettiJunction (1993), a two day performance ...
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 21:14 by andyp
Gig pub behind the InternationalConventionCentre in Birmingham . Next to the canal, in the shadow of the tower blocks, lies the Flapper and Firkin stalwart ...
r3 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:22 by andyp
Var tests rec normal
r7 - 30 Jul 2007 - 09:22 by andyp
What does FooBar mean to me? This is currently a nonsense page. AndyP Test edit with Opera Windows Mobile 5 Prev: BlogJune2006 1 Year Ago: BlogJuly2005 Next: Blo...
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Comments and Discussion Name: Andy Pryke June 11, 2004 E mail: SomeEmail #64; URL: Comments: Testing 1 2 3 Name: Andy P...
NEW - 19 May 2004 - 08:04 by andyp
Free Anti Virus Software * Anti vir * AVG Anti Virus Free for "home users" (see als...
r6 - 18 Dec 2005 - 11:03 by andyp
Fun Stuff "The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit" if you are witless, why not look at my CollectedQuotes? Every hear the phrase "The Anagram ...
NEW - 08 Nov 2001 - 19:28 by andyp
Gail Troth Epoch Makers Saturday 26th April 2008 Gail Troth has an exhibition at the Three White Walls Gallery (downstairs at The Mailbox) for the next few w...
NEW - 30 Apr 2008 - 16:51 by andyp
* BBC News * Independent Media Centre * What's on Radio 4 perl/whatson/search/da...
r2 - 31 Jul 2001 - 17:13 by andyp
It's just a phrase. I use "Giant Screaming Bats" when I'm testing things to do with search engines. It doesn't come up. Perhaps it should. Main.AndyPryke 04 O...
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NOTE: These are the times and dates from the PDF brochure on the website. The website also lists individual gigs seperately, and some of th...
r2 - 24 Mar 2006 - 16:51 by andyp
Some of the best bits of Glastonbury are the quiter bits, the cafe's and chai tents (Manic Organic, Henry's Beard, The Tiny Tea Tent, Nutters, Sanctuary, and othe...
NEW - 04 Jul 2003 - 19:56 by andyp
In this book, DouglasHoffstadter examines a whole host of topics around the subjects intelligence, consciousness, information, mathematics, recursion, symbolic s...
NEW - 03 Jul 2001 - 11:20 by andyp
From: Andy N Pryke (anp #64; Subject: Re: Disprove Gravity??? Quantum Conspiracy Theory Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Date: 1999/03/03 In article ,...
NEW - 18 May 2001 - 20:50 by andyp
Container Growing Some notes on Container Sizes for Various Plants Taken from this post on the vegetable forum * Carrots Amsterdam forcing aut...
r3 - 16 May 2011 - 11:13 by andyp
Wrote the most wonderful, very predictive (or suggestive?) science fiction. Bibliography at:
NEW - 12 Dec 2001 - 21:04 by andyp
25th October 2003 Here's my notes from a great day of seminars and performances. What you can't see hear here is the performances by BrianDuffy (ModifiedToyOrch...
r2 - 27 Oct 2003 - 16:57 by andyp
From the Stan's Cafe piece Of All the People in All the World which I saw in Birmingham in October 2003 and September 2008. These pictures are all to the ...
NEW - 27 Sep 2008 - 18:06 by andyp
Went and found the New Scientist article on happiness which I'd read a while back I'd mentioned it to someone and wanted to make sure I had my facts right! I di...
r3 - 02 Mar 2006 - 23:33 by andyp
Chain letters all have a similar pattern. From the older printed letters to the newer electronic kind, they all have three recognizable parts: * A hook * A thre...
NEW - 16 Jul 2001 - 15:26 by andyp
I'm baffled as to why the majority of people who produce flash animations place them in a tiny box on a web page, where much of the detail they've created is just...
r2 - 01 Jun 2003 - 22:30 by andyp
Excellent film, very French, a kind of song and dance Agatha Christie. The film revolves around a murder in a snowed in household, solving the murder requires th...
NEW - 08 Jan 2003 - 17:59 by andyp
More minimalist web design follows... * Did you know that shows like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "Goodness Gracious Me" and "Knowing Me, Knowing You...
r2 - 07 Oct 2001 - 15:14 by andyp
Hypertext and WikiWikiFever I've always been a big fan of hypertext (well, since I first came across it in the late 1980's). My degree project (1991) was a hypert...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 21:48 by andyp
The work of Ian Hamilton Finlay combines both EnvironmentalArt and poetry. I visited his garden, LittleSparta, in Lanarkshire in 2001, and had the honour of meeti...
r2 - 28 Mar 2002 - 22:06 by andyp
An excellent modern art gallery, which generally contains thought provoking installations. There's also a good Tapas bar / cafe. Note that the Ikon is normally c...
r4 - 07 Sep 2007 - 08:52 by andyp
An Influenza Pandemic is probably the thing which will kill you. OK, I haven't done the full stats, but it's pretty likely... There's a Momus song called Mor...
r12 - 26 Apr 2009 - 22:21 by andyp
Phone Numbers * Infobel * Rail Timetable * Railtrack (UK only) http://212.87.6...
r2 - 15 Jan 2002 - 17:24 by andyp
I'm off to Reykjavik soon, so I think I'll collect some information on visiting Iceland, such as: General Background * Travel Now guide to Reykjavik useful ...
r6 - 05 Sep 2006 - 23:16 by andyp
"The Portrait of the Inventor (eNTp) Copyrighted \xA9 1996 2001 Prometheus Nemesis Book Company. Of the four aspects of strategic analysis and definition it is...
r2 - 03 Jun 2005 - 23:35 by andyp
My favourite insult at the moment is "There are web pages for people like you". Here's some of them * If you're a fan of dogs in sweaters (and let's face it, w...
r5 - 25 May 2003 - 17:13 by andyp
I've only seen one piece of Janet Cardiff's work TheTelephoneCall. Her website is at: but doesn't seem to have been up...
NEW - 14 Apr 2002 - 20:03 by andyp
Japan seems to have lots of Cartoon Signs. Maybe this is because learning all the Kanji characters used in Japanese is so hard! Here's some I spotted on my trip ...
r3 - 07 Apr 2007 - 21:24 by andyp
Japanese Food I loved the Japanese Food I had during my trip to Japan. Recipes and Background Tokyo Food Page Nice Japanese food site, with recipes and artic...
r2 - 29 May 2007 - 16:18 by andyp
Japanese Language Some resources: * Japanese Language Question of the Week Worth browsing just for the phrases.
NEW - 25 Nov 2007 - 21:29 by andyp
Jewelry Quarter, Birmingham Here's some pictures: St Paul's nice red door argent_centre and big wheel James Watt was 'ere nearby modern structure beverl...
NEW - 26 Dec 2003 - 14:02 by andyp
Classic Moseley Gig Pub! * Website: * What's on at The Jug of Ale * The Catapult Club put on a lot of gigs here and elsewhere ...
r4 - 26 Oct 2006 - 22:26 by andyp
Jyoti serves South Indian vegetarian food which is a rarity in Birmingham which is better known for it's balti's. The food is great Dhosa is my typical choice...
NEW - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:17 by andyp
Katakana Katakana is one of the alphabets used in Japan. It is most often used to transliterate non Japanese words, and as most of these imported words are in Eng...
r2 - 29 Feb 2008 - 14:26 by andyp
Kent Beck, one of the founders of the PatternsMovement, and author of ExtremeProgrammingExplained. He also developed the JUnit Java unit testing framework wit...
NEW - 01 Jul 2001 - 13:27 by andyp
Named after a Catwomen dance craze in Batman? "The Pink Sanbox a new restaurant and dance club on the west side of Gotham. From this hip club came the Catusi,...
r5 - 30 Apr 2006 - 10:29 by andyp
Probably best known for her early 80's hit "O Superman" (at the time, the longest playing single released, I believe), Laurie Anderson is also a multi media artis...
NEW - 14 Apr 2002 - 19:35 by andyp
Reportedly one of Birmingham 's best restaurants, I've visited it twice, and found the food good and the service excellent. Portion sizes are small, which was ...
NEW - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:00 by andyp
Favourite Pages InfluenzaPandemic Birmingham Offsite links google
NEW - 22 May 2005 - 17:12 by andyp
Left handed people are Sinister What's wrong with left handers? 1 It's against God and against nature. 2 Their crappy "south paw" shops are taking over our hig...
NEW - 23 Jul 2001 - 16:42 by andyp
Leisure * I'm interested in contemporary art, particularly novel performance art, interactive art, and SoundArt. * I go see the odd film at TheMAC or TheElect...
r3 - 05 Jun 2007 - 21:42 by andyp
Strachey and Carrington met at the Sussex country home of Woolf. He was tall and emaciated and wore a long beard that drew goatlike bleats from street louts. Her ...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 07:28 by andyp
6th December 2003 Little Italy has a reputation as one of the worst restaurants in Birmingham (see, for example:
r2 - 09 Feb 2005 - 23:13 by andyp
There's a handy live art directory at: Unfortunately they have DNS problems at the moment. If you get a URL like: http:...
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 21:27 by andyp
Gig pub with nice looks in Digbeth, Birmingham. It's got excellent tiles and a red terracotta exterior, though the beer is nothing special : ) Junction of Mosele...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:28 by andyp
Interviews at: Worked with TraceyThorn on their Protection albumn. Mezzanine is excellent too, as is Blue Lines. Lyri...
r2 - 08 Mar 2002 - 20:26 by andyp
Media Diary Film Amelie November 2001 ThisYearsLove 23rd July 2001 Croupier July 2001 I find SouthPark excellent! Comedy PhilNichols 10th July 20...
r2 - 25 Nov 2001 - 19:46 by andyp
Based in the CustardFactory in Digbeth, the Medicine Bar has club nights (such as the occasional KlubCatusi) and/or live bands several nights a week. No real bee...
r2 - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:42 by andyp
MeetingsWithRemarkableTrees Thomas Pakenham For my birthday (2001) I got a copy of MeetingsWithRemarkableTrees a wonderful book containing "portraits" of 60 won...
NEW - 12 Dec 2001 - 21:16 by andyp
MelissaMicrosoftWordVirus Note: This document dates from March 1999. It was my response to concerns about the Melissa Microsoft Word Macro Virus. Summary There a...
NEW - 16 Jul 2001 - 15:33 by andyp
Meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins in imitation of the word gene. It indicates a unit of reproduction in the world of ideas. Memes are subjects to 1 Rep...
r2 - 22 Oct 2005 - 19:24 by andyp
The MAC or Midlands Arts Centre Cinema, Theatre, Bar, Cafe, Exhibitions the building design makes it feels like a small place, but it has a lot going on. What's...
r6 - 07 Aug 2004 - 12:10 by andyp
Gig 5th February 2003 Saw Mike at TheMedicineBar. I arrived 2 songs (?) into his set. The place was packed, with quite a few people dancing near the front, and ot...
r4 - 17 Oct 2006 - 22:06 by andyp
"Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind." Leonardo da Vinc...
r5 - 01 Sep 2006 - 07:30 by andyp
Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty Net sig virus Understanding humor is like dissecting a live frog. It can be done, but the frog tend...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 07:31 by andyp
The Mississippi Company was at the root of one of the first economic bubbles other well known examples include the DotComBubble and SouthSeaBubble. JohnLaw, a p...
r2 - 24 May 2005 - 22:24 by andyp
Misty's Big Adventure are the best band I know. No arguments. So get yourself down to a gig, pronto : ) * Write ups of Misty's Past Gigs * How Misty's Big ...
r54 - 08 Dec 2006 - 22:28 by andyp
Misty's Big Adventure Past Gigs Write ups Misty's are one of my favourite bands. Here's a list of previous gigs, intersperced with the occasional write up (I ...
r14 - 17 Oct 2006 - 21:53 by andyp
Radio 3's alternative music program, Sundays 11pm. I don't get to listen to it very often but I always thing I should! Website:
NEW - 26 May 2002 - 21:12 by andyp
This Guardian Article gives a good insight into Brian Duffy and his Modified Toy Orchestra. The gig reports below are from a few years back, when "MTO" was a sol...
r4 - 14 Oct 2007 - 11:11 by andyp
See: and Main.AndyPryke 02 Aug 2001
r2 - 08 Mar 2002 - 20:36 by andyp
Stuff here may be refactored into other pages over time * * A great aerial photo of Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye on it's...
r16 - 25 May 2003 - 19:50 by andyp
The StreetFurnitureStickers page was getting a bit big, so I started this page to hold More Street Furniture Stickers. There's now Yet More Street Furniture Sti...
r4 - 03 May 2006 - 22:24 by andyp
Moseley Tornado Moseley village was hit by a tornado at about 14:35 today. At least a dozen large trees were felled, and the Wake Green road blocked. A number of...
NEW - 28 Jul 2005 - 15:54 by andyp
Did you know that the most interesting thing on the internet only occurs 6 times in google at the present (2003/12/18) That's why I created this most interest...
NEW - 18 Dec 2003 - 21:43 by andyp
M'um are an Icelandic band. Saw them at the MedicineBar in May 2002. Unfortunately, a lot of the audience had turned up expecting something different, and so talk...
NEW - 26 May 2002 - 20:38 by andyp
Music I Like Bands I've bought lots of: * I've been a fan of RobynHitchcock since about 1987 * Momus is excellent * MassiveAttack Music I've heard in...
r9 - 26 Jan 2003 - 18:54 by andyp
r79 - 29 Apr 2010 - 14:27 by andyp
Comments and Discussion Name: Andy Pryke June 17, 2004 E mail: nanniebots URL: Comments: Just a quick test
NEW - 19 May 2004 - 09:04 by andyp
My Meeting With a Nanniebot Writer Can a computer think like us? Or as Alan Turing's famour test says: Can it talk as if it did? The storm of stories published ab...
r5 - 29 Jul 2004 - 10:38 by andyp
Comments Name: Ray Girvan June 17, 2004 E mail: ray #64; URL: Comments: Nice write up. Really, th...
NEW - 17 Jun 2004 - 09:27 by andyp
USER: Hello, I'm Andy Pryke WINTERMUTE : Hello there. Really, you are? USER: What's your name? WINTERMUTE : Are you asking about my name ? USER: Yep. Who are you?...
NEW - 17 Jun 2004 - 09:14 by andyp
Note, the repeated section in the middle is intentional I was checking to see if I got the same responses. USER: ok so my friend was looking over my shoulder in...
NEW - 17 Jun 2004 - 09:15 by andyp
USER: Hi there... WINTERMUTE : Hi there jim . Huh....Really? USER: Tell me a little about yourself? WINTERMUTE : Im Anna. I go to school here at Emory. USER: Wher...
NEW - 17 Jun 2004 - 09:14 by andyp
New York Friezes Coloured Cut Out Freize Conquest of Space Pegasus Communications "Hey Baby, I'm the Telephone Man" It's a Truck! Pseudo Babylonian Figure ...
NEW - 14 Aug 2008 - 23:18 by andyp
I've only seen postcards of this artist's work ( and web images which are a bit too small to get the real effect). His work is in the same basic style as AndyGold...
NEW - 10 Mar 2002 - 22:33 by andyp
Foswiki.Andypublic Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Foswiki.Andypublic web. These preferences overwrite the site level preference...
r4 - 31 Dec 2005 - 15:49 by andyp
Some one from pseudodictionary ( ) mailed me about this and my DorothyParker page Seems that there's quite a fe...
r2 - 28 Dec 2002 - 15:12 by andyp
POPFile is more than a Spam filter, it can help you sort mail in to multiple categories, such as "spam", "work", "personal", "hobby". POPFile uses BaysianStatisti...
NEW - 05 Dec 2003 - 19:44 by andyp
Thursday 22nd June 2006 Paradise Dreaming Great performance piece in Chamberlin Square and "Paradise Gardens" (down below the library). No time to write much now...
NEW - 23 Jun 2006 - 08:26 by andyp
I suffered a damaged partition table on my hard disk after doing a defragment on Windows 98, even though the defrag reported no problems. The symptoms were basica...
NEW - 07 Nov 2003 - 19:49 by andyp
I saw Phil Nichols last night, doing his "Edinburgh preview" show (i.e. he hadn't worked out all the material). Still, he was brilliant, and went down very well...
NEW - 24 Jul 2001 - 19:18 by andyp
"There is only one good knowledge; and one evil ignorance." Socrates Consciousness is mysterious. Quantum mechanics is mysterious. By the 'Law of Minimizatio...
r5 - 01 Sep 2006 - 06:57 by andyp
Fri 15 Sep 2006 More pictures Fri 15 Sep 2006 Testing Pictures Plenty of stickers about. Here's a selection Posted on the move at 12:36
NEW - 16 Sep 2006 - 18:05 by andyp
* TheAnchor * JugOfAle * MarketTavern * MidlandsArtsCentre * TheMedicineBar * TheRainbow * ThePrinceOfWales * TheWellington http://ww...
NEW - 09 Feb 2005 - 23:06 by andyp
Birmingham : * CafeSoya * IkonGallery * LePetitBlanc * WarehouseCafe * Jyoti 's * SabaiSabai * Satsuma (Soho, London) * ShogunS...
r3 - 10 Jun 2006 - 14:16 by andyp
Birmingham Electronica Timeless Electronic Melodies Website: If you can navigate this hideously designed website, you can find...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:24 by andyp
A fantastic book when I discovered it I bought every copy I could find in Birmingham and distributed them to the people I worked with. It's laid out in 46 s...
r2 - 03 Jul 2001 - 19:48 by andyp
Electronic. Polyphonic. Ironing board and theramin. Birmingham based band who play a multitude of instruments. Rosie has an excellent voice. The overall effect ...
r8 - 30 Apr 2006 - 10:30 by andyp
Project Gutenberg is dedicated to providing free E texts of out of copyright books. There's some fantastic things available: from classical literture to Sherlock...
r2 - 04 Aug 2005 - 23:22 by andyp
The Pryke's Page (That's spelt P R Y K E) My surname, Pryke, is an unusual one, so I set out to track down some more information on it, and identify some "Prykes ...
r12 - 02 Apr 2008 - 12:05 by andyp
Good Psion Software * psiMind MindMapping software for Psion machines, great for taking notes. Will export to text files. * Locker Allows you to switch...
r4 - 08 Jan 2009 - 00:18 by andyp
Purple Potato Pakora Ingredients * Some purple potatoes (purchased at the Birmingham indoor market) * Courgettes (not included in the title as they aren't ...
NEW - 03 Feb 2009 - 21:05 by andyp
Websites: and Location: Foundry Lane, Smethwick, Birmingham (Map) Dates: 27th September to 11th...
NEW - 28 Sep 2003 - 13:08 by andyp
2005 2006 I didn't update this for a while... books I can think of include: * The Vinyl Cafe series by Stuart McLean gentle, humorous books of short stories ...
r7 - 08 Oct 2006 - 23:21 by andyp
* Steven Carr's atheism pages, excellent articles on the origin of the new testament gospels etc. * Excellent site on Mormanism...
r4 - 06 Jan 2002 - 14:56 by andyp
"Religion is a smile on a dog." Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians "What I am" "In science it often happens that scientists say, 'You know that's a really go...
r2 - 01 Sep 2006 - 06:55 by andyp
Representations of Elephants I found this image of an elephant, drawn by someone who'd never seen one on a 17th century map in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gal...
r3 - 26 Dec 2007 - 16:39 by andyp
NEW - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:34 by andyp
Saw an article on TheRegister about AOL Instant Messenger blocking non AOL clients. Thought that's a pity, why can't we have P2P instant messaging (presumably t...
NEW - 31 Jan 2002 - 23:09 by andyp
You recently received a copy of a "Sign and Forward" email petition. This is the only correspondance you will receive from me on this subject I got your email...
NEW - 11 Nov 2001 - 10:41 by andyp
You recently received the following email chain letter. It is a hoax, as can be verified at: or various o...
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:30 by andyp
You recently sent me an email warning of the dangers of the "Teddy Bear Icon" virus. This is a hoax, not a real virus. See: Be...
NEW - 16 Feb 2003 - 13:18 by andyp
Thu 21 Sep 2006 Sticker Closeups Here's closeups of some of my favourite stickers from Reykjavik... Sat 16 Sep 2006 More Sticker Fun! Plenty of stickers about....
r2 - 15 Sep 2006 - 19:47 by andyp
A fabulous cycle and solar powered music system. You can see some pictures, hear the music and even find out how to build your own at: http://www.rinky ...
NEW - 25 Jul 2001 - 10:37 by andyp
For details see: Main.AndyPryke 25 Jul 2001
NEW - 25 Jul 2001 - 10:35 by andyp
One of my favourite artists, Robyn Hitchcock, is a witty but deep english singer/songwriter/guitarist, a kind of cross between Sid Barrett, Oscar Wilde, Jimmy Hen...
r4 - 13 Jan 2007 - 17:17 by andyp
Part of the FierceFestival, 31st May 2003. I saw RoomService by GobSquad at the HowardJohnsonHotel in WestBromwich, as part of the FierceFestival2003. I arrived a...
NEW - 04 Jul 2003 - 19:27 by andyp
The Rosetta Stone is famous as the key used to decipher EgyptianHieroglyphics, as it contains an inscription in three languages AncientGreek, EgyptianDemotic an...
NEW - 10 Apr 2001 - 18:33 by andyp
25 Woodbridge Road Moseley Birmingham Tel: 0121 449 4498 23rd November 2004 Second visit, and found it much better than last time. Leaving aside that it too...
r2 - 28 Nov 2004 - 18:27 by andyp
Saw a exhibition of his work at the IkonGallery in March 2002. The work consisted of videos and pictures, with accompanying explainatory text. Most of the people...
NEW - 10 Mar 2002 - 19:10 by andyp
2nd March 2003 Ate Sushi at Satsuma on Waldour St. Satsuma is not a sushi restaurant but serves other Japanesse food as well. It's laid out in the style o...
NEW - 04 Mar 2003 - 21:45 by andyp
School of Economic Science A Cult? Background The School of Economic Science goes by a variety of names, including School of Philosophy. Local to me, they are ...
r16 - 11 Oct 2009 - 15:21 by andyp
This page exists to demonstrate that search seems to fail within a page, though currently I have problems with templates (see: TWiki:Support.FormattedSearchCauses...
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This is a test page which links to SearchTestOne The reasons are explained on SearchTestOne This page exists to demonstrate that search seems to fail within a pag...
r2 - 17 May 2005 - 07:53 by andyp
Seneca the StoicPhilosopher. (Originally, I mis spelt Seneca as Senaca!)
NEW - 10 Nov 2002 - 00:29 by andyp
Born around 1 C.E. Seneca lives through the reigns of the first five Roman emperors (Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero) and was effectively jointly ...
r4 - 04 Jul 2003 - 20:15 by andyp
7/8ths of a Second This great installation took place in CannonHillPark, Birmingham in the late 90's. Some information can be found at:
r3 - 06 Sep 2004 - 13:43 by andyp
So, are you more likely to die from an Influenza Pandemic or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome?? Maybe it will be an Asteriod Impact?? Either way, the UK is now (...
NEW - 23 Apr 2003 - 22:14 by andyp
Sherlock Holmes is probably the worlds greatest detective, famed for his powers of observation and deduction. The stories have a good rhythm, the characters of Ho...
r6 - 07 Nov 2004 - 18:43 by andyp
Saw these people on the Jazz Stage at GlastonburyFestival. They had about 25 people on stages, including bizare painted dancers who got repainted 1/2 way through....
NEW - 13 Jul 2002 - 10:11 by andyp
ShiitakeMushrooms are delicious and apparently have medicinal properties too. Their scientific name is Lentinus Edodes. Here's some webpages I ran across on them:...
r4 - 06 Nov 2005 - 20:50 by andyp
10th April 2003 Ate at the ShogunSushiAndNoodleBar in the Mailbox, Birmingham. This is the only Conveyor Belt Sushi place in Brum, and I think is only one of ...
NEW - 28 Dec 2003 - 13:51 by andyp
Solar Cooker Finally seeing a little sun this week inspired me to play with making a solar cooker. Here's some notes on the topic Materials for Concentrating Sun...
r5 - 13 May 2009 - 15:17 by andyp
What do I mean by "Sound Art"? My personal use of this term includes SoundSculpture, and any other art which consists of sound, excluding most music with a melodi...
r4 - 05 Jan 2003 - 17:37 by andyp
Memorable sound sculpture or sound installation events I've seen heard include * 7/8th of a Second ( Ossilate * UnderSpaghettiJunction (FineRatsIntern...
r2 - 24 Mar 2002 - 22:40 by andyp
What is South Park? M'Kay, I know no one is ever going to ask that question, but here goes The "Concerned Women for America" (CWA) describes South Park so: "Sou...
r2 - 19 Mar 2003 - 18:41 by andyp
Methods Whitelists: Only let through certain mail (e.g. from known senders) Heuristics: Use rules of thumb to guess which mails are spam Blacklists: Block ...
r2 - 20 Mar 2005 - 09:55 by andyp
Please note that if you make any of these changes you may bugger up your machine if so, it's not my fault : ) Always back up any files before you change them ...
r6 - 08 Oct 2005 - 09:36 by andyp
Spread of Ideas and Belief Change I'm interested in why people have particular beliefs and how ideas spread. Hence I have written pages on EmailVirusesAndChainLet...
r3 - 22 Oct 2005 - 19:28 by andyp
Website: Address: Springhill Institute 1 Springhill Passage (the red door) Ladywood Birmingham B18 7AH Tel: 0121 4563222 Spring...
r3 - 08 May 2005 - 22:45 by andyp
St Paul's Gallery opened in Birmingham in early 2003. It's a commercial gallery in a very nice, well lit space in the JewelryQuarter. Work I've seen there includ...
NEW - 19 Dec 2003 - 23:46 by andyp
Amazingly, I've only just (March 2002) found out about Stan's Cafe. Looking at some of the pieces described on their website, I've definately been missing out. We...
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 23:22 by andyp
Stoic Philosphers include * Zeno * Chrysippus * Cleanthe * Seneca * Epictetus * Marcus Aurelius Sources of info: * ht...
r2 - 10 Nov 2002 - 00:28 by andyp
See also: More Street Furniture Stickers and Yet More Street Furniture Stickers There's a plethora of stickers on street furniture... here's a few I've s...
r7 - 14 Jun 2005 - 22:16 by andyp
Street Furniture Stickers:1, 2, 3 (prev), 4 (this) * Supersonic Truck: * Do Nothing. We're Watching. Love, The Bullring...: * Plan 4... is it...
r2 - 03 May 2006 - 22:24 by andyp
Types of Sushi Nigiri : Rectangles of rice, topped with a piece of fish, prawn, octopus, egg etc. Maki: Also known as finger rolls (about 4cm) or hand rolls (abou...
r4 - 23 Dec 2007 - 19:47 by andyp
Sushi Kaji Sushi Kaji is listed as one of Toronto's top Asian restaurants, and probably one of the two best Japanese restaurants in the city (the other being the ...
NEW - 03 Mar 2009 - 21:41 by andyp
I use the TWiki implementation of WikiWiki, whose major advantage is that a version history is kept of each page so you can see who edited it, when, and what th...
r3 - 04 Jul 2003 - 20:16 by andyp
Excellent film by Almodovar. Very rich, lots of layers sounds like I'm describing a cake! The men (and the main characters are both men) are quite quite or mayb...
NEW - 23 Jan 2003 - 18:41 by andyp
Tele:funken a one man electronic band Let me tell you about my first Telefunken gig. It was at the FlapperAndFirkin, in central Birmingham supporting Pram ...
r4 - 18 Oct 2002 - 19:03 by andyp
To download this cricket video, right click and "save as": Cricket advert video : )
NEW - 09 Jun 2008 - 11:53 by andyp
Testing OneTwoThree HelloWorld Hello World My WebHome
NEW - 03 Mar 2002 - 21:38 by andyp
Test right bar search for references from a page Links to Test Page Two and TestPageThree and TestPageFour Formatting examples * One space bullet * T...
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Link to 2 but not 1
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a link to the first page for testing a link to the Second page for testing a link to the fourth page for testing
NEW - 16 May 2008 - 11:24 by andyp
TestPage Test Page Three Test PageFour
NEW - 16 May 2008 - 11:23 by andyp
* 24 Feb 2002
r2 - 03 Mar 2002 - 23:24 by andyp
The Bus Station Loonies proclaimed themselves "Plymouth's Finest Cheesy Cabaret Punk Band" having never been to Plymouth, I'm sure they're right. They're also t...
r3 - 27 Apr 2002 - 17:52 by andyp
Music venue and community centre in Aston, specialising in African and Caribbean art. Website: http://www.the
NEW - 18 May 2003 - 18:38 by andyp
2nd November 2002 Performed in a marquee in TheNatureCentre (next to CannonHillPark) "The Glastonbury Play" promised a re creation of the Glastonbury experience, ...
NEW - 03 Nov 2002 - 13:38 by andyp
A Belgian artist sits in a nest, high above the centre of Birmingham on the side of the Rotunda. Friday 20th May 2005 * The Rotunda, with nest: * ...
r3 - 27 May 2005 - 22:15 by andyp
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DouglasAdams Excellent trilogy in four parts. I first encountered it via the BBC radio series, which I listened to on radio...
r3 - 21 Sep 2004 - 18:40 by andyp
TheLanguageOfThe Genes SteveJones Verdict: Nice try, but no cigar. Steve Jones describes a fascinating array of evolutionary and genetic phenomena with suffic...
NEW - 12 Dec 2001 - 21:18 by andyp
Unfortunately The Lime and Chilli House has now closed. A Thai restaurant, SabaiSabai has opened at the same address. 25 Woodbridge Road Moseley Birmingham T...
r2 - 24 Jan 2004 - 11:46 by andyp
r2 - 11 Jan 2003 - 14:37 by andyp
The Moonstone by WilkieCollins is cited as one of the first detective novels in the English language. It deals with the disappearance of "The Moonstone", a fabulo...
NEW - 19 Dec 2003 - 22:05 by andyp
The Muppets did some excellent songs, some of my favourites include: * WildThing Kermit on "unplugged" Uke and Animal on very plugged in Drums * Happy Fee...
NEW - 28 Dec 2002 - 16:31 by andyp
Website: The New Art Gallery Walsall, Gallery Square Walsall WS2 8LG United Kingdom Tel: 01922 654400
NEW - 04 May 2002 - 11:26 by andyp
A story called "Misty's Big Adventure", was published in The Magic Roundabout Annual 1968... More about Misty's Big Adventure
r3 - 25 Apr 2006 - 22:16 by andyp
The Rainbow Pub which often has gigs in Digbeth, Birmingham. Can't remember if there's decent beer! Address: 160 High Street Deritend Birmingham, West Midlands B1...
NEW - 29 Sep 2003 - 13:47 by andyp
Website: http://www.birmingham Box office: 0121 236 4455 Location: Centenary Square, Birmingham City Centre. The Rep (or more formally "Birmingham Repe...
NEW - 18 Sep 2003 - 20:34 by andyp
What does the phrase "The Second Superpower" mean? According to this article ( ), its meaning has been re writte...
NEW - 05 Apr 2003 - 19:59 by andyp
The Telephone Call, JanetCardiff, SanFranciscoMuseumOfModernArt, June 2001. You handed in some ID and a credit card, and you were issued with a video camera and h...
NEW - 14 Apr 2002 - 20:00 by andyp
8th February 2005 Checked out The Wellington , a new real ale pub right in the centre of Brum. On Bennetts Hill, near the cathedral, it will provide a nice pub...
NEW - 09 Feb 2005 - 21:55 by andyp
Places To Go * Stay at Cinderbury , a recreated Iron Age village * The Ice Hotel or it's Canadian Twin * Visit this amazing hotel and stay in the C...
r14 - 12 Oct 2008 - 12:59 by andyp
Watch TV * Watch TED Talks Clever people talking well about interesting things * Watch Nova Science / Nature Documentaries
NEW - 27 Apr 2008 - 13:19 by andyp
ThisPerfectDay IraLevin Set in a future where "Uni" the master computer controls all decision making including who can breed. A future where genetic engineering...
NEW - 12 Dec 2001 - 21:16 by andyp
What it used to say on the pages of (Dec Vax?) manuals to assure people that the blank pages weren't printing errors. The effect of this was, of course, that the ...
r2 - 01 Jan 2003 - 21:07 by andyp
Rating: 8/10 Well worth seeing An English film which is always a good start set in Camden. It tracks 3 men and 3 women and their interacting relationships. ...
NEW - 24 Jul 2001 - 19:14 by andyp
Here's a quote from the first episode, where Carol is explaining to Stephen what it means to be a Tomorrow Person: Carol: Perhaps every child is a Tommorow Person...
NEW - 01 Apr 2003 - 18:26 by andyp
Bizare Swedish Duo. For a great video, see Ja Da on my WeirdInternetAnimations page. More songs of theirs at: b.html Main.A...
r3 - 14 Oct 2003 - 20:11 by andyp
For those of you who don't know, LaTeX is a text setting (bit like word processing) package popular amongst academics and computer scientists. Latex is a rubber f...
r3 - 04 Jul 2003 - 19:16 by andyp
The two classic truffles are Black winter or P\xE9rigord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and the White Truffle or Piemont/Piedmont truffle (Tuber Magnatum). They are...
r2 - 23 Dec 2007 - 17:51 by andyp
Organised by FineRatsInternational, this was an amazing event held, as the name suggests, underneath Birmingham 's famed SpaghettiJunction. It included a mix ...
NEW - 24 Mar 2002 - 21:15 by andyp
* UNIX Reference Desk http://www.geek * Sun Computer Administration FAQ sys sun faq/ * Unix Sys Admin Links ...
NEW - 15 Jul 2001 - 12:25 by andyp
Imagine a book which contains a secret language and mysterious drawings, a book whose meaning has eluded the finest cryptographers and linguists for at least 400 ...
r3 - 09 Feb 2005 - 22:37 by andyp
WarOfTheWorlds by HerbertGeorgeWells The original Book The text of WOTW can be downloaded from ProjectGutenberg Study guide
r2 - 20 Mar 2004 - 17:41 by andyp
Ward Cunningham is the creator of the Wiki Wiki Concept, (to which you owe these webpages), a highly experienced programmer and one of the main contributors to th...
NEW - 01 Jul 2001 - 13:21 by andyp
This vegetarian cafe is situated in the BirminghamFriendsOfTheEarth building "TheWarehouse" in Digbeth. Phone 0121 633 0261 to confirm opening hours, but the las...
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Who Am I? What a question! My name is AndyPryke, I live in Moseley in Birmingham , England ( see map ). Probably the most interesting thing on this site is...
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Favourite Pages My Blog Best Of Blog 2007 Best Of Blog 2005 Birmingham , How to be Happy , Influenza Pandemic , Moseley Tornado , Mi...
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* Main.TWikiGuest example #64; __ .WebChangesAlert, ., .TWikiRegistration
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Andypublic Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Andypublic web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and ...
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See also the verbose WebIndex.
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Some of these might be a bit large what the hell! I've got bandwidth : ) Fed up with viewing great animations in a tiny box on a web page? Find out HowToViewFla...
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Why you shouldn't email large PDF or Word files... They make your audience unhappy 1 They can take a very long time for people with modems to download 2 The...
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Wiki Wiki means quick in Hawian (apparently). Wiki systems allow you to edit web pages in a browser. Pages are linked by the use of CapitalisedRunTogetherWords ...
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The state of being obsessed with WikiWiki systems. Lets see, where should I start? Lets contrast it with WebFever... Have you ever seen one of those webpages whic...
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A national nature reserve in Dudley, famous for it's fossils. There's also a nature reserve. More details at: * Overview
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I started with Street Furniture Stickers , then More Street Furniture Stickers and now we have ... Yet More Street Furniture Stickers! After this it's Str...
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Zoe provides a web based search interface and archive for your email. From my brief look at it, it seems pretty useful. For security reasons, you don't want to r...
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Sun 17 Apr 2005 Sign of the Times I spotted this sign in the back room of a pub I visited recently. You'd have though that there wouldn't be that many kids under ...
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